A panel discussion titled “Psych Meet” was organized by the Department of Psychology at Iqra University North Campus.

by: Abdul Raheem Karachi:
Karachi: The Department of Psychology of Iqra University North Campus organized a “Psych Meet” panel discussion. HOD and registered psychologist Dr. Salima Ahsan Tejani discussed the importance of mental fitness for the students.

Dr. Salima informed the audience that such sessions aim to identify the students’ psychological concerns and issues. In addition, it will further enable the student to seek the best practices in the field and introduce them to the practices of the psychology council. Through these sessions, we can enhance the mental capabilities of our students and equip them with tools to live their lives better and excel in their academic and personal lives.

Ms. Shamsha Shamsi, a life coach, joined the online session from Canada to inform the students that controlling their emotions is the key to success in life. She further said that these sessions should be organized to help those who need help so that people do not take matters into their hands by ending a precious life. She said that our purpose is to educate the students and make them aware of life’s challenges.

Later, the participants of the session participated in “laughter therapy,” which improves a person’s thinking capabilities and reduces stress and pain. The session ended with different singing, poetry, and comedy programs presented by the students and a commemorative shield presentation to Dr. Salima Tejani.


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