Abdul Hai Memorial Tournament: inaugural event and 1st week matches in a capsule

by: TN Media News Riyadh:
The presence of Mr. Kabir Khan, Head Coach of Saudi Arabian Cricket Federation & Mr. Nadeem Babar, Chief Executive Officer of Riyadh Cricket Association in the inaugural ceremony of Abdul Hai Memorial Tournament commemorated our beloved Abdul Hai who loved and played the great game of cricket. The event was also graced by Mr.Syed Mussarat Khalil, Senior Journalist.

Aspiring cricket players (born on or after April’2005) from 6 teams and organizers celebrated the inspiring speeches of Mr.Kabir Khan and Mr.Nadeem Babar, which set the momentum to begin the tournament. It was a wonderful experience for all the participating teams.

The Head Coach envisioned many more such tournaments focusing on youth cricket in KSA in the future. The  organizers thanked Mr. Nadeem Babar and the entire RCA management committee for extending unrelenting support in offering its facilites without which this tournament wouldn’t be a reality.

The opening ceremony started off with the recitation of verses from the Holy Qur’an by Umer Farooq. Mr.Sultan (a member of organizing committee) explained the tournament’s cause and welcomed the chief guests, participating teams, coaches, team managers and parents. Chief Guests, Mr. Kabir Khan & Mr. Nadeem Babar were felicitated with a plaque of appreciation for their immense contribution to the development of youth cricket in KSA.

Competitive matches were the order of the 2 days during the league phase played by 6 participating teams on Friday (3rd of November’23) & Saturday (4th of November’23).

Results of the league matches played by 6 participating teams is as below:
Nov 3 (Friday Morning):
1. 1st match of Group A played on Ground # 9 – Guqa Academy vs Mark Cricket Academy. Result – Guqa won by 290 runs.
2. 1st match of Group B played on Ground # 3 – AS Academy vs ZAS Academy. Result – ZAS won by 50 runs/wickets.
Nov 4: Saturday Morning & Afternoon:
3. 2nd match of Group A played on Ground # 5 – Guqa Academy vs Mavericks. Result – Guqa won by 1 run in the most thrilling match in the league stage.
4. 2nd match of Group B played on Ground # 3 – PISES vs AS Academy. Result – PISES won by 7 wickets.
5. 3rd match of Group A played on Ground # 3 – Mark Cricket Academy vs Mavericks. Result – Mavericks won by 9 Wickets.
6. 3rd match of Group B played on Ground # 5 – PISES vs ZAS Academy. Result – ZAS won by 12 runs.

The Abdul Hai Memorial has entered an important stage with 4 competitive teams vying for supremacy in semifinals scheduled. Cricketing fraternity in Riyadh looks forward to witness the thrilling encounters unfold right in front of them.

Live streaming all the matches of Abdul Hai Memorial tournament encouraged many living outside Riyadh to follow the tournament.
4 teams progress to the next stage and the schedules on the 10th of October’23 are:
1. 1st Semi-Final : Guqa Cricket Academy vs PISES
2. 2nd Semi-Final : ZAS Cricket Academy vs Mavericks

Winning teams of 2 semi-finals are to play the finale on the 11th of October’23 (Saturday).


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