Ahmed Shehzad Criticizes PSL Selection Process, Calls for Merit-Based Approach.

TN Media News Pakistan:

Cricketer Ahmed Shehzad has expressed his belief that selection for the Pakistan Super League (PSL) based on performance is unjust to players and teams. Speaking to the media in Lahore, Shehzad stated that he has been consistently playing domestic cricket for two and a half to three years. He highlighted his performance, stating that despite his consistent performance, he has not been considered for the national team or the PSL. Shehzad commended the PCB chairman for emphasizing merit in selections.

He further mentioned that his recent performance has been impressive, and he hopes to be considered for future opportunities based on his domestic performance. Shehzad expressed optimism about being part of the 20-member squad after being in the camp, aiming to contribute to the country with his skills and experience.

Regarding selection based on PSL performance, Shehzad stressed the importance of strategic planning and collaboration. He noted that including players based on one or two PSL performances is unfair to both the players and the teams. Shehzad acknowledged the challenges for the PCB chairman and appreciated his emphasis on merit.

Shehzad also mentioned his contact with Wahab Riaz during domestic and T20 matches. Despite not understanding politics, Shehzad expressed his commitment to working sincerely.

Ahmed Shehzad has been a consistent performer in recent domestic seasons, scoring 888 runs in 10 Quaid-e-Azam Trophy matches and 542 runs in 11 Pakistan Cup matches in the 2022-23 season. He hopes that his recent performances will lead to his return to the national team, as he believes in his abilities to perform at the international level if given the chance.

His comments are likely to stir a debate on the fairness of PSL selections, with past allegations suggesting that commercial value rather than cricketing ability plays a role. The PCB has denied these allegations but has faced challenges in dispelling the perception of the PSL as a merit-based competition.


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