AlSafi Danone Joins Forces with the Ministry of Industry.

AlSafi Danone Joins Forces with the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources to Cultivate Saudi Talent through the “Masar Wa’ed” Programme.

 Saudi Arabia – AlSafi Danone proudly announces its collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources through the esteemed “Masar Wa’ed” programme. This initiative, under the Patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, represents a concerted effort to support newly graduates with scholarships to gain practical training in the real work environment which will. contribute to the development of the youth and to the Vision of the Kingdom 2030.

The significant signing ceremony, which took place at the Ministry’s Headquarters, witnessed the presence of HE Bandar Alkhorayef, the Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources, and HE Yousef  Al-Benyan, the Minister of Education, along with distinguished officials from both ministries. Representing AlSafi Danone at this momentous event were Chairman Ziad Al Tunisi and Eng.Hisham Ezz El Arab, CEO of AlSafi Danone.

The “Masar Wa’ed” programme stands as a vital component within the Crown Prince’s scholarship initiative, which is dedicated to empowering promising sectors through specific capability development, including education, on the job training and many more. AlSafi Danone is committed to attracting the best Saudi talent and growing their own Saudi talent pipeline by investing in their future.

Through their global Danone network, this program offers access to the worldwide leaders in the dairy industry giving students from the Kingdom the opportunities to develop their careers within AlSafi Danone Group after completing their program. During the program, students will be exposed to cutting-edge global technologies and best practices empowering them to commence their careers with a strong foundation built upon industry-leading expertise and practices.

Chairman Ziad Al Tunisi underscored the importance of these agreements and commentedThese agreements symbolise the effective collaboration and partnership between the private sector and governmental entities. They aim to empower private sector organisations to design training programmes within the global and technologically-advanced facilities of Danone; a world leader in dairy production and its derivatives.”

He added, “This collaboration will expedite the transfer of global technology to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in alignment with the goals of Vision 2030 and effectively meeting the operational needs of the company. The initiative is poised to provide an applied working environment, which will play a pivotal role in equipping scholarship recipients with specialised technical and professional skills to excel in their careers.”

 In response to this significant partnership, Eng.Hisham Ezz El Arab, CEO of AlSafi Danone, expressed his pride and stated, “We take great pride in being one of the first companies from the private sector to participate in the ‘Masar Wa’ed’ programme, showcasing our commitment to nurturing, training and preparing Saudi talent for key roles within our organisation. This includes vital positions such as production and maintenance managers, production supervisorssupplychain operations, operation engineers, production engineers, and production technicians.”

 This milestone emphasises AlSafi Danone’s dedication to empowering Saudi talent and providing them with the skills needed for success in various critical roles. The commitment extends beyond sponsorship, creating lasting opportunities for Saudi graduates to contribute significantly to both their careers and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s growth and development.


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