An exhibition titled “Inside Lahore City” was held at the Art Gallery in Defense, Karachi.

BY: Abdul Rahim Khan Ghouri
Karachi: Israr Hussain’s paintings in this exhibition take viewers on a captivating journey to the heart of Lahore. The use of colors and composition breathes life into the city’s historical essence. His paintings depict a profound interplay of light and shadows, evoking a powerful sense of nostalgia and deep emotions tied to old memories.

The renowned Ilahi Associates magnate, G.M. Ilahi, expressed his admiration for Israr Hussain’s ability to capture Lahore’s inner story through his photography at the Art Gallery in Defense Karachi. He praised the fusion of innovation in his work, which invites viewers to contemplate changing circumstances.

Israr Hussain’s paintings encourage spectators to reflect on evolving situations. In this photography, Israr Hussain has showcased Lahore city in a distinct manner. The celebrated photographer, Shazia Nayyer, described Israr Hussain’s work as a vibrant celebration of Lahore’s diversity. Viewing an artist express the past and present in such an unobstructed emotional manner instills a fresh perspective and reveals a deep connection between the artist and Lahore’s inner city.

Notable figures attending the exhibition included the renowned Painter Artist Wasim Qaiser, Actor Ali Shah, Mehreen Elahi, Asim Khan, and others. The event concluded with Mehreen Ilahi, the founder of the Art Gallery, presenting Israr Hussain with a bouquet. Also present at the occasion were actor Ali Shah, journalist Qalb-e-Mohammad, Asim Khan, and others.

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