“China’s New Aspirations for 2023 under the Concept of Community with Shared Future”

Ms. Maryam Raza Deputy Director, Pakistan Research Center for a Community with Shared Future (PRCCSF), Islamabad.
No nation in history has witnessed a great triumph similar to China in recent times. The hallmark of China’s success is based on robust policies proposed by President Xi Jinping. His far-sightedness and unique conduct of statecraft have made China a superpower country with a huge responsibility to shoulder.

This visionary leader has emerged as a strong leader in the comity of nations due to many reasons. He has demonstrated a distinctive leadership style. From poverty eradication to modernization, from Belt & Road Initiative to Global Development Initiative (GDI), China has left no stone unturned in fostering regionalization and cooperation among states. These projects reflect China’s aspirations to achieve new set goals after the 20th National congress of CPC.

A profound analysis of China’s historical transformation reveals that the basic motivation behind its progress has been guided by Deng Xiaoping Theory, the ‘Theory of Three Represents,’ and ‘the Scientific Outlook on Development.’ The key elements include enhancing strategic resolve, effectively balancing internal and international imperatives and giving impetus to strategic thinking.

It is evident that if a country is resilient from the inside, it set a good precedent for other states to follow. As the core of the CPC party, President Xi has unified the nation through peaceful means and constant assistance in every field.  As a man of action, he took the lead of the party and made CPC the most influential and strong party in the realm of political and international affairs. Socialism with Chinese characteristics is a great role model for the world.

In this aspect, it is imperative to discuss the vision of Building a community with a shared future for mankind. Officially presented in 2015 at the UN Headquarters by President Xi, the idea seems to be the solution to curtail common issues. The global theme aims to eliminate prejudices and create a coherent association among countries and people.

In the 21st Century, the world has been amid many common issues which are jeopardizing the main pillars of national security. For example, environmental degradation, climate change, food insecurity, the Covid-19 pandemic and many others. Therefore, the five major objectives of this very concept revolve around achieving win-win cooperation through economic partnerships, ensuring ecological balance, addressing Non-traditional security threats, developing new models of resolving conflicts, and strengthening intercultural harmony via mutual respect.

President Xi Jinping envisages that all these issues can be resolved if countries show a willingness to attain common aspirations with mutual assistance. Building a community with a shared future through maintaining balance is necessary as it provides a new dynamic shift in the global discourse of cooperation.

It is a unique initiative at a global level which offers a plethora of opportunities for sustainable development across regions and within countries. Now, this idea has been expanding to project China’s global outreach while gaining positive responses and attention from other states.

It is high time that the world must adapt to new transformations and shed the orthodox notions of confrontation. This is the new era that requires a modernized approach to cater to collective needs. Thereby, the idea of a shared future will be beneficial for all as it accounts for building a community in which justice, openness, respect, and emancipation will prevail.

We must learn from China’s success stories and adopt such effective measures that will help socioeconomic evolution along with regional interconnectivity. President Xi Jinping is a unique, wise, and visionary statesman. China has been experiencing a golden era due to its contributions to internal modernization and global peace. Indeed, there is a long voyage to build a community with a shared future.

However, it is also true that visions spur actions. Thus, it can be anticipated that China will help nations by every means to enhance their efforts for a shared future and joint cooperation.



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