FOREIGN SERVICE ACADEMY Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad Government of Pakistan

About the Foreign Service Academy
The Foreign Service Academy is the training arm of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan. Established in September 1981, the Academy has trained hundreds of Pakistani and foreign diplomats.

The entire diplomatic corps of Pakistan is a graduate of FSA. In addition to training of entry-level officials of the Foreign Service of Pakistan, it organizes courses mid-career level for officers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In addition, officials from other departments of Pakistan receive orientation training before their overseas assignments. FSA also organizes courses specially tailored for spouses and families of Pakistani diplomats.

Foreign Service Academy has a global outreach. We are proud of a large number of our international alumni, many of them serving in responsible positions in their respective countries. These alumni represent 109 countries.

In addition to diplomatic training courses at both mid-ranking and junior levels for foreign diplomats.

The academy has been operational/shifted to the new premises since 22 June 2020.

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