Governor Applauds Lahore Leads University Team.

A delegation of Lahore Leads University headed by the VC Dr. Nadeem Bhatti visited the Honorable Governor Punjab, Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman. Members of the delegation included Executive Director Mr. Hamza Zahoor, Dr. Saeed Watto, and Mr. Junaid Azhar.

The honourable Governor welcomed the delegation and gave guidelines for setting high aims for developing the nation. He emphasized that Pakistan needs a quality higher education system for its progress. He insisted that character building should be a compulsory component of the curriculum.

VC Lahore Leads University Dr. Nadeem Bhatti Lahore Leads University (LLU) explained that the university is adopting innovations in its teaching, research, and other administrative operations. He said Pakistan cannot progress until its higher education system is qualitatively strong enough because this poor quality is resulting in low employability, the low performance of the specialized individuals, and a lack of innovative and creative ideas.

Mr. Hamza Zahoor Watto said that LLU strictly follows guidelines set by HEC. He said the government is taking serious and practical steps for alleviating higher education in the country. Dr. Saeed said that LLU high quality of education at LLU is leading to high employability among the graduates.

He added that Lahore Leads University is not merely a place of conferring degrees and distinctions, it has a responsibility to facilitate the wholesome development of its students.

Governor appreciated the efforts of Lahore Leads University for their contribution to education. Honourable Governor Baligh ur Rehman suggested that the way Lahore Leads University has progressed in a very short time should also be shared with other universities. He suggested that universities should work on environmental-related issues.

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