PTI A Failure

Written by: Mr. Inam Ul Haq Commentary by: Ch. Muhammad Natiq
There is nothing solid to yearn for a return of the PTI. One would have expected IK to transform – ‎on assuming power – into a statesman after years of agitational politics and abusing all and sundry ‎from the top of a container. That did not happen, is not happening and is not likely to happen.

Seeing ‎the youth and the middle class firmly behind, his rhetoric is escalators, more divisive and dangerously ‎polarising. National institutions like Judiciary and the Pakistan Army are subjected to seething and ‎mostly uncalled-for criticism by Party cadre/sympathisers. And apart from symbolic one-liners, IK has ‎mostly remained silent on this propaganda’s profane proliferation on social media. And that has forced ‎a rethink among many, whose hearts beat with Pak. So, Very sincerely, in the interest of Pak and PTI, ‎IK the second time around would be more of the same and his return would be ‘reinforcement of the ‎failure’.‎

‎♦️ A quick glance over the PTI rule throws out a mixed bag. The Party fought Covid with tenacity and ‎artfulness, saving the country from catastrophic consequences that befell neighbouring India. Its ‎initiative of ‘Sehat Insaaf Card’ is enabling most have-nots get quality medical treatment. ‎

‎♦️ It is unfair to put all blame for the recent eco fiascoes on the PDM, PTI squarely shares the blame. ‎There was no diligent and coordinated teamwork by party-apparatchik to improve governance; ‎chasing the corrupt remained an obsession with no pro-Pak outcomes and no results at all; precious ‎time, which could be devoted to improving governance, was spent in useless filibustering; and there ‎was too much bluster against all state institutions at some point, including Army, Judiciary, media, ‎Election Commission, bureaucracy; and no effort was made to patch up and have a semblance of ‎working relations with the opposition.‎

‎♦️ IK’s foreign policy threw relations with Saudi Arabia, the West and America in tail-spin, as there was ‎too much unnecessary rhetoric directed at unseen demons. Politics under PTI was one of ‎confrontation with no desire for reconciliation, the ask of our polarised landscape. ‎

‎♦️ There is something diametrically different shaping up contemporary Pak’s political landscape. IK/PTI ‎rides the wave of support by Pakistanis of all shades, unhappy with rule by ashhrafiyya – the elite, civil ‎and military. ‎

‎♦️ Winning elections and converting youthful bulge into votes are quite different things. One wonders ‎how soon the Party forgot when ‘electives’ were delivered to them by the same ‘neutrals’. How the ‎‎‘neutrals’ cobbled together a workable coalition for them? How they were guided and mentored ‎through various crises of their own making, and how the same ‘neutrals’ put their reputation online to ‎go out of the way in helping the PTI run affairs of the state, for which it was not prepared and is not ‎prepared.‎

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