Muhammad Shami started prostrating but then gave up the decision, why?

In the 33rd match of the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup in India, India defeated Sri Lanka by a huge margin of 302 runs.

In the match played at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, where the Indian batsmen showed good batting skills, the bowlers of Team India also washed their hands in the flowing Ganga.

In response to the target of 358 runs, the entire Sri Lankan team was bowled out for just 55 runs. In this match, Indian fast bowler Mohammad Shami dismissed five players by giving only 18 runs in five overs and won the player of the match award. Reasons are also subject to debate.

It so happened that when Mohammad Shami dismissed Sri Lanka’s ninth player, he also completed his five wickets and when he started celebrating after completing the five wickets, he bowed as if in prostration and then He sat on his knees.

At first it seemed as if Muhammad Shami had started prostrating because he first went on his knees, then he placed his hands on the ground, but then instead of prostrating on the ground, he sat on his knees, so this made it difficult to guess. Whether they had started prostrating or not.

A new debate has arisen on social media over Muhammad Shami’s alleged non-prostration. Users on social networking website X (Twitter) are debating whether Mohammad Shami wanted to bow after taking his fifth wicket, but he did so because of threats from Hindu right-wing political parties and their supporters in India.


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