AS Academy tournament of Al Yawn Al-Watnai tournament concluded yesterday in which there were 3 teams, AS Academy- Youth, AS Academy – Parents & CRICKET SAMARWA.

The tournament sponsored by Friendi Mobile and AR Sports and have always support AS Academy.

CRICKET SAMARWA taking part for the first time in the tournament started on a top notch by winning the game without having to test the full strength of the team, there was some class pace bowling on display which also encouraged the AS Academy Youth who were also competitive in displaying the same and some were outstanding in the field.

AS Academy – Parents who played the final in the last tournament lacked coordination between the team and due to not having the strength in the bowling they were knocked out of the tournament but there were some performance they left behind that would be remembered until the next time tournament.

Aasif Sheikh the Chairman of AS Academy appreciated everyone efforts to put up a very disciplined tournament and was pleased with the spirit the tournament concluded.

Best batsman was Kashif Bajwa
Leading wicket taking Mansoor Khan
Player of the tournament Fahad Munir

Thanks to Riaz Ahmed for his support always for AS Academy and special to Friendi Mobile.

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