Is constant consumption of mineral water healthy?

Can mineral water always be useful for human health? Isn’t its use harmful to health? Is tap water harmful to health?

When experts were asked about these and many other similar questions, they said that using mineral water helps improve blood pressure, constipation and heart health, but the problem is not the water, but the plastic. in the bottles in which this water is supplied because the material from which the plastic bottles are made is harmful to health.

According to the Arabic magazine Al-Rulq, some Manzil water companies use bottles that add harmful plastic components to the water, which are harmful to human health.

Mineral water ingredients: In addition to natural ingredients, additional minerals are also added to mineral water, due to which the taste of water changes to some extent, while its effectiveness also increases.
According to the Food and Drug Authority, mineral water contains calcium, chlorine, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium and sulfur.

These minerals help in the production of protein in the human body, strengthen bones, maintain fluid balance in the body and moderate blood pressure. In addition to these ingredients in mineral water, more elements are added to mineral water to help the body produce better hormones, including cobalt, iron, chromium, copper, iodine and fluorine.

Difference between mineral water and plain water: Normal water that is delivered to homes through pipes is pumped from the central station after being treated with chlorine which is completely purified.

There is also no doubt about the fact that the rust of the pipes in the water that is conveyed to the houses through iron pipes can also be carried along with the water, which leads to the fear of contamination of the water. However, both mineral water and plain water are nutritionally equivalent.

Benefits of mineral water Minerals required by the body: The human body needs certain important minerals due to which the body works better and it gets these minerals through food, but due to the presence of sodium, calcium and magnesium in abundance in mineral water, it is quick. They become a part of the human body.
Decreased blood pressure

Due to the lack of calcium and magnesium in the body, a person may suffer from high blood pressure, while mineral water contains these two minerals. Due to the presence of these two minerals in mineral water, blood circulation is also regulated. Apart from this, the body gets adequate amount of water which keeps the body hydrated.

Treats constipation and improves digestion: Mineral water contains magnesium sulfate and sodium sulfate which regulate the movement of the small intestine and increase its function, which relieves constipation.

Magnesium is one of the minerals that regulate bowel movements. It improves the function of the intestinal muscles and helps in removing excess water from the colon and thus cures the problem of constipation.

Improved heart health:  In general, water regulates the blood circulation in the body while the minerals present in it regulate the heartbeat. Medical scientific research has proven that drinking mineral-rich water can prevent arteriosclerosis, which maintains heart health as blood circulation in the arteries is normal.

A 2019 review also reported that drinking mineral water on a daily basis helps maintain cholesterol levels and lower blood triglyceride levels.

Disadvantages of mineral water: Although the use of mineral water is beneficial for physical health, there are some disadvantages of drinking it frequently which are of interest to the readers.

Toxic plastic: The plastic bottles in which mineral water is filled and transported to consumers, the production of these bottles includes a substance called bisphenol which affects some important hormones of the body, but some experts also say that plastic is harmful to the body. It can also cause certain cell disorders or life-threatening diseases such as cancer.

Although the specific plastic bottles (food grade) in which water is supplied do not pose a significant risk to human health, further and extensive research is needed in this regard.

Tooth decay: Mineral water contains acidity, its use affects the natural layer on the teeth, which can lead to tooth decay.

Parasite: Although mineral water bottles made from high-quality plastic (food grade) may be safe from harmful chemicals, the Centers for Disease Control has identified a parasite risk, especially in mineral water. If obtained from a fountain or unprotected source. Drinking parasite-contaminated water causes stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, dryness and increase in body temperature.

Should mineral water be drunk daily?
Although the use of mineral water is beneficial as mentioned earlier, its excess can also cause certain health problems, as the use of plastic has direct effects on hormones.

Is mineral water better or tap water?
The quality of tap water in homes needs to be tested. If the water is not contaminated or spoiled, it will be the same as mineral water and there is no difference between the two.

Experts say that before using tap water, its quality should be checked and a filter should be installed at home, however, as far as mineral water is concerned, the problem is only with plastic bottles and that too. In case you frequently use only mineral water.

Amount of mineral water
Although no quantity has been specified in this regard, but if it is a matter of plastic bottled water, then caution has to be taken about it.


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