Protest Against Afghan unregistered nationals in Pakistan.

by: Ch. Muhammad Natiq TN Media News:
On 21st Feb 2023 between 16:00hrs a protest was staged at Karachi Press Club against Afghan nationals and solidarity with Pakistan Law Enforcement Agencies (Pak Army, Sindh Rangers & Sindh Police).
Attendees from different walks of life came together for this protest and chanted slogans in favour of the Pakistan Army, Sindh Rangers and Sindh Police, whereas, they also protested against Afghan nationals and requested the Government to send Afghan nationals back to their country.
They emphasized that these people are unregistered and undetected in society and are involved in every unlawful activity in this city and country.
They are involved in drug dealing, terrorism and other crimes. They unanimously said that they are standing shoulder to shoulder with Pakistan Law enforcement agencies and that the recent terrorist activities in Pakistan are condemnable and especially what happened in Karachi Police Office is unbearable.
They peacefully dispersed after recording their protest peacefully.