PM Kakar’s address at UNGA: Talk of peace, global cooperation and climate.

BY: Nuaman Ishaq Mughal
New York: In his address at the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly, Caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan, Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar, talked about peace, global cooperation, and climate change. He highlighted the Kashmir issue, condemned extremism and religious intolerance, focused on geo-economics, and strengthened global cooperation

He said COVID-19, climate change, and conflicts had devastated the economies of developing countries by reversing decades of economic progress. He emphasized global cooperation, called for the expansion of concessional lending by multilateral development banks, and urged developed countries to fulfill their commitments to climate finance.
He further highlighted Pakistan’s desire for peaceful relations with all neighboring countries, including India, saying “Kashmir is the key to peace between Pakistan and India.”
He called the United Nations Security Council to implement its resolutions on Kashmir, adding that the ‘’final disposition of Jammu and Kashmir to be decided by its people through UN-supervised plebiscite.”
The Prime Minister also talked about peace in Afghanistan, calling it a strategic imperative for Pakistan. He also voiced concerns over the rights of women and girls in Afghanistan.
Further, he stressed the imperative of countering all forms of terrorism, including far-right extremism and State-sponsored terrorism.
He proposed the establishment of a committee within the General Assembly to oversee the balanced implementation of all four pillars of the Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy.
The Caretaker Prime Minister also voiced concerns over the rise of Islamophobia and highlighted Pakistan’s efforts, along with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, to combat the issue.
He proposed several measures to combat Islamophobia, including the appointment of a Special Envoy and the creation of an Islamophobia Data Center.
Concluding his remarks, Prime Minister Kakar highlighted the importance of multilateralism within the framework of the United Nations and reiterated Pakistan’s commitment to enhancing global cooperation.