Good discussion about Domestic Politics on different Forums and TV Shows.

Reported by: Ch. Muhammad Natiq Ubaid
A friends opine on present on going situations. Good discussion about Domestic Politics on different Forums and TV Shows but most of the discussion is without considering full ambit of International Environments.
When I was DA Germany, our Ambassador was Asif Ezdi sb and his wife Ms Seemi is sister of Jahangir Tarin. She is now Senator. We knew the family thoroughly and Today we heard her stance. She is good Intellectual. Important Conclusions Drawn are:-
a. Jahangir Tarin and his group will never go against Imran Khan in vote of No confidence.
b. Aleem Khan and Jahangir Tarin will outplay N League in favor of Imran Khan.
c. PM will outsmart Opposition, will defeat the No Confidence vote with big number and emerge as STRONG PM.
d. She concluded that Shabaz Sharif’s showing of cards and his intended support for Aleem Khan to become CM of Punjab has hit Q league and Zardari Badly and as such has left No option for Q League then to support Govt for their own sake. Zardari in turn, will badly ditch N League in this political game.
e. 23 Mar parade with OIC Foreign Ministers as guests, MBS as chief Guest and foreign contingents of different countries are HIGH MARK OF this day in History of

Pakistan which so called Establishment, would never allow to sabotage. Reportedly, PM plans to snub US and West in his Speech and intends to clearly define Pakistan Strategic Direction. He is likely to focus on reminding the World about US unjust Wars against Muslim world, without Authorization by UN, like destruction of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

These are some of the likely highlights of this Parade. Perhaps Stake holders will desire such speech by a Strong PM. Likely hood of Resolution of OIC in favor of Kashmir is another High Point of 23 Mar Parade.
f. Why IK and Pakistan is on wrong side of the West/USA.

Pakistan has changed its strategic direction from West to East with Focus on CPEC/RPEC and convergence of Interest of Regional Powers like China, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey and in turn causing strategic isolation of India.

This convergence of Interest is going against Indo US interest in the Region and US is unable to digest it. Imran’s response like ABSOLUTELY NOT to USA ambitions and US’s forced with drawl from Afghanistan are some of the reasons of US’s all out efforts to Teach lesson to IK. Hanging of Bhutto, killing of Zia and removal of Musharraf are good examples “of US actions against fellow who go against their Interest or not needed by them.
Our opposition finds it opportunity for them so want to promote US Interest to fulfill their domestic desire.
f. Future Course Of Action
1. Assembly session will be called before 16th and No Confidence Will be defeated with Big vote Margin.
2. Within 2 days of it, CM of Punjab will be changed and Ch Nisar Ali Khan will be made CM.
3. 23 Mar Parade will be conducted with full DRUM AND DRAN. There will be Strongly worded speech by PM. There will be Strong Condemnation of

Indian Atrocities in Kashmir. There will be Tacit support of Russia in Ukraine.
After 23 Mar New Political and Strategic Environments will emerge Internationally de-coupling of Doller from International trade and replacement of Swift Banking system with Chinese CIPs will take place. YUAN will be adopted as currency for trade under KIPs banking system and Currency of every country will be weighed in accordance with its gold Reserve. THIS WILL MARK END OF CAPITALIST SYSTEM OF ECONOMY and Countries are like to start NEW SYSTEM of Sovereignty.

Wrote quickly, may have mistakes but is food for thought for All.
Maj Gen (R) Shaukat. Pakistan Zindabad.

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