Pitches are made for the home advantage – Ramiz Raja

In the video posted on the official account of PCB, Ramiz Raja said “A drawn match is never a good advertisement for Test cricket, and I totally understand that we need to get a result in five days these days, and we get it 90% [of the time], but I want to remind you of 2-3 things,“.

“First of all, a number of headlines were in relation to the comments I made when I took over [as chairman] that pitches in Pakistan need to be redone, massively redone, but I took over in September and the season had already begun.
“It takes 5-6 months to prepare pitches, and during the off-season, you will see – soil is coming from Australia; we’ve experimented, consulted soil experts and prepared soils, and we will redo 50-60 pitches all over Pakistan once our season ends in March-April.”
From these statements, Ramiz confirmed that suspicion that the Pindi pitch where only 14 wickets fell over the 5 days, had been prepared to nullify Australian fast-bowling strength as well as to cover for Pakistan’s weakened resources such as Hasan Ali and Faheem Ashraf were missing due to injuries and also Yasir Shan, the spinner legend was not well.
Normally, every country prepares the pitches according to their strength and takes the advantage of playing at home which Pakistan has done the same, although Ramiz also aggresses that everything went well, the result has given a wrong message for Test cricket as other countries we have seen results in 4 days etc and test cricket has been positive.
“I came in September and the season had already started. It takes five to six months to prepare a pitch. When the season finishes you will see that we are bringing in soil from Australia and we are experimenting here with soil experts. We will redo 50-60 pitches all over Pakistan as soon as our season ends in March-April,” Ramiz said.
The upcoming test matches to be played in Karachi and Lahore, he suggested that pitches with low bounce would remain the template for the rest of the series.
Ramiz Raja requested the fans to come to watch the series and support the test match and enjoy the game which Pakistan is playing with the team that has won coming into this series with a win of Ashes, which means we are up against the top-notch team who will come back hard.
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