New Karachi Sector 5E UC 8 sub-engineer is again trying to destroy the sewerage system due to his incompetence.

Abdul Rahim Ghouri Karachi
In 2021, the former assistant commissioner of New Karachi Central District, Naeem Soomro, took strict action against the officers of the New Karachi Sewerage Board, so the sewage system improved somewhat. After 2021, even in 2023, on the pretext of less labor, the scenes of the destruction of the sewage system are being recreated.

Resident of the area
Karachi ( ) In the area of ​​Engineering Establishment (AEE) of District Central New Karachi Sector 5E, the sub-engineers of the Sewerage Board are again trying to destroy the sewage system deliberately due to their incompetence. This is not the first time that the problems of New Karachi Sector 5 EUC 8 Faisal Sewerage are being seen.

In 2021, the former Assistant Commissioner of District Central New Karachi, Naeem Soomro, took strict action against the incompetent officers of the New Karachi Sewerage Board, due to which they The salaries of the workers were stopped for 3 months, after which the sewage problem in the area improved, cleaning was done quickly and the hardship of the people was eased.

Due to which the residents of the area are deeply disappointed, the sewerage system in the area is already in a dilapidated condition, due to which the residents are facing frequent blockages and the flow of dirty water. The problem is only worsened by Sub-Engineer AEE Sector 5E who, according to the residents, is deliberately damaging the sewerage system due to lack of timely action.

Residents have been complaining about this problem to the management of XEN office of UC 8 Faisal and New Karachi Sector 5E and 11D Sewerage Board, but they have not responded to their complaint. Despite the fact that their activities are endangering the health and well-being of residents. There is a growing sense of frustration and anger among residents, who feel their complaints are being ignored, largely due to the lack of attention and resources shown to the problem.

AEE sub-engineers in this particular area seem to aggravate the situation. The residents of District Central New Karachi Sector 5E have been suffering for a long time and the situation is getting worse. It is the responsibility of AEE to ensure that the sewage system is functioning properly, and that the Action is to be taken against those who are deliberately damaging the system.

Residents deserve to live in a clean and safe environment, and it is up to AEE and Sub-Engineer to make that a reality. We request our Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah, Provincial Local Government Minister Sindh Nasir Hussain Shah, Deputy Commissioner District Central Taha Saleem, Assistant Commissioner New Karachi Atta ul Rehman to take strict action on the administration of New Karachi Sewerage Board and stop their salaries again. So that overflowing sewage problems can be implemented quickly.


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