Report on Pak Defense Budget

by: Ch. Muhammad Natiq,
Pakistan’s def budget is only 2% of GDP. Pakistan Army has not inc its def budget for the past 2 yrs. National institutions and their linked welfare trusts deposited more than Rs.935 Bn in the national treasury regarding tests and duties.

9 out of 13 corps of India are posted against Pakistan. Main disputes b/w Pakistan and India include IIOJK and water disputes. On the western front, there is an unstable Afg, which has been in war since 4 decades. Daesh, Al Qaeda and TTP in Afg pose a threat to Pakistan and regional peace. The Pak-Iran border has also been a place of threat due to the illegal activities of drug peddlers.

Apart from conventional threats, the 5th GW is ongoing, which includes eco, media, diplomacy, lawfare, and attempts to disintegrate national unity within Pakistan. Due to the growing difference b/w US and China, India’s def capabilities are being funded in various fields.

The world’s 6th largest power and the Islamic world’s first nuclear power, Pak Army is ranked 10th post in the Global firepower index, which has been fighting against them for the past 2 decades. It is also a reality that India’s def budget is $70 Bn, whilst Pakistan’s def budget is only $11 Bn.

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