Pakistani surgeon Dr. Arshad Ullah Khan introduced new method of anal surgery in eastern region, Saudi Arabia.

Reported by Jahangir Khan۔
A renowned Pakistani surgeon Dr. ARSHADULLAH KHAN, who has done his graduation from Sindh Medical College followed by Fellowships from Pakistan and UK, has been serving in medical sciences as a surgeon for the last decade, his vast experience and surgical skills show positive commitment to his profession.

Technology and medicine have gone hand in hand for many years, consistent advances in the medical field have saved many lives and improved many others. Since there is advancement in the field of surgery, minimal complications and the safety of the patients still top the list.

Dr. Khan is currently providing his services in one of the leading private hospitals in Al Ahsa and has performed many laser procedures such as laser hemorrhoidoplasty, laser ablation of the fistula tract, Sinnus pilonidal minimal invasive laser excision (SMILE) and Laser ablation of Peri anal fistula. Dr. Khan has received special training from biolitec for these procedures and has performed several successful procedures in Al Ahsa with positive feedback from the patients.

The laser procedure is a promising innovation in proctology procedures, one of the new and effective modalities is Minimal invasive Laser- Hemorrhoid- Plasty (LHP®️) and fistula. It was a great honour and privilege for us to have had a small conversation with Dr. ARSHADULLAH Khan regarding the outcome of the procedure and patient feedback. He is the first one to start Minimal Invasive Laser- Hemorrhoido- Plasty (LHP®️) and fistula in Al Ahsa hospital and as per his experience, the outcome is promising.

Minimal invasive   Laser- Hemorrhoido- Plasty (LHP®️) and fistula is a daycare surgery in which a diode laser is used in the submucosal plan of piles which causes Tissue reduction in the hemorrhoidal node, Closure of the arteries entering the CCR feeding the hemorrhoidal cushion Maximum preservation of muscle, anal canal lining and mucosa Restoration of the natural anatomical structure.

It is a painless and scarless procedure & Post-operative results were propitious, with no faecal incontinence and anal stenosis. On the other hand, Fistula is really a difficult disease to treat, its recurrence rate is high, especially in the complex fistula.

Dr. ARSHADULLAH KHAN has also introduced Fistula-tract Laser Closure FILAC In order to eliminate the fistula tract as gently as possible, the flexible, radially emitting laser fibre is inserted from the outside and positioned exactly by using the pilot beam, and defined energy is emitted radially into the fistula. The epithelialized tissue is destroyed in a controlled way and the fistula tract collapses to a very high degree. This also supports and accelerates the healing process.

Good control
No excision or splitting
Independent on the length of the fistula tract
Flexible fibre also allows use in convoluted tract
Can be executed in only a few minutes
Can be combined with other forms of therapy for closing the ostium

We have discussed the results of this procedure with Dr khan, he told us he is doing research regarding the outcome of the fistula, So far he didn’t notice any early recurrence with this procedure, whereas long-term follows up is required to confirm the effectiveness of this procedure.

We have contacted Miss Hadeel Salah Al-Maghlouth, who is a supervisor for a receptionist at Al Ahsa hospital about the procedure. As per her statement, patients highly demand laser haemorrhoids because of minimal post-operative pain. We have received positive feedback from the patients and working on the development of new contrast with an insurance company about laser haemrhioplasty and fistula closure through laser so we can provide good medicine.

posted by: Syed Mussarat Khalil Correspondent, TN Media News.


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