Shahbaz election, a defining moment for Pakistan: Mujahid Nadeem

By Arshad Raza Bureau Chief, TN Media
RIYADH: It was a defining moment for Pakistan since the oath-taking ceremony of Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Monday.
Shahbaz, who took the charge as the 23rd premier of the country, after defeating the former prime minister Imran Khan in a vote of the no-confidence motion, buried all the confusion and chaos that put the country in turmoil for over a period of two months.

Mujahid Nadeem Ramay, Media Coordinator, PML (N), right, Munir Shad, CEO TN Media, left, and Arshad Raza, bureau chief, TN Media in Riyadh on Monday.

In a get-together at Sehri night, Mujahid Nadeem Ramay, media coordinator, Pakistan Muslim League (N) Saudi Saudi Arabia, expressed his views to Munir  Ahmad Shad, CEO TN Media  News of Saudi Arabia and Arshad Raza, bureau chief, Riyadh over the ongoing situation in Pakistan politics.

Shahbaz Sharif claimed 174 votes against Imran Khan, who resigned in protest after losing a battle for the power struggle that led to the chaotic situation in Pakistan and the general public. Ramay said: “While the Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif extended an olive branch to the opposition in his first speech, after taking the oath, in Parliament and offered talks to former premier to find out the solution of the turmoil, the country is facing.

” It is a defining moment for both the political parties to bury the hatchet and work together for the betterment of the country, Ramay concluded.
Mujahid Ramay, a supplier of school textbooks and a distributor of newspapers and magazines, is in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for over 27 years and has been very active in the Pakistani community for his social work, reiterated his request to the well-wishers of both the parties to remain calm and don’t create a fuss that leads to any problem for them in Saudi Arabia.