Significance of Legal Advocacy in Pakistan: Radio Interview

by: TN Media News Pakistan:
On Tuesday, 3rd October, 2023, Syed Wajid Gillani, Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan was invited to the program ‘‘Dialogue with Experts’’ hosted by Advocate Zaildar Ahsan Ali Shah at ‘‘FM 101’’ Radio Pakistan.

Mr. Wajid Gillani, a former Advocate General of Punjab and a former member of the Judicial Commission of Pakistan, began by sharing insights into his educational path and his career in the field of law. He emphasized that he acquired valuable advocacy skills through interactions with experts and professionals in the legal domain.

He also stressed the importance of not only being a proficient lawyer but also being a compassionate and understanding individual who can effectively interact with clients. A lawyer plays role of legal advisor, advocate and mediator for their clients at various stages of judicial process. They ensure justice to citizens by representing them in court proceedings.

In Pakistan, students aspiring to work in judiciary choose this program. LLB program is of five-years. Many individuals are increasingly pursuing careers in the field of law, recognizing the abundant opportunities available to LLB graduates. LLB has a diverse curriculum and it requires you to obtain specialized knowledge in legal department. Women are playing integral part, especially in law cases of human right violations and family law cases and they have proved themselves more effective in resolving disputes of injustice.

Law professionals are making significant contributions to society, and the legal profession holds a position of importance similar to that of other fields such as medicine, education, and engineering. There is a lot of scope of LLB degree in Pakistan for law graduates and there are wide range of job openings for alumni as they can get jobs of legal statuses at national and international level.

Regarding the Judicial Commission of Pakistan, he mentioned that it is a commission for appointment of Supreme Court and High Court Judges in Pakistan, led by the Chief Justice of Pakistan. The JCP proposes appointment of Judges of Superior Courts in Pakistan. It comprises Supreme Court Judges, the Attorney General representing the government, and either the Advocate General or Law Minister from the provinces.

He emphasized that Pakistan has entered a new era in its judicial system. The constitution of Pakistan grants significant authority to the superior judiciary to safeguard and uphold the constitution. The independence of Pakistan’s judiciary has evolved over time, and it now holds a prominent position in the country’s political landscape.

During the interview, Mr. Wajid Gillani, was asked about independence of Judiciary as it has entered into new era after the oath of Justice Qazi Faez Esa as 29th  Chief Justice of Pakistan after retirement of Chief Justice Umer Ata Bandial. There are expectations around the new chief justice that in this era ‘judicial activism’ will come to an end.

Mr. Wajid said that this era will bring a good change in Judicial System of Pakistan and fundamental rights and rule of law will be protected adhering to the constitution and public interest.

Mr. Zaildar Ahsan Shah expressed gratitude to the esteem guest for the insightful discussion. He encouraged youth the future of our nation, to work harder.

He shared his experiences in the legal profession and offering guidance to the younger generation on achieving success through diligence and persistence.


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