Tea party on Mount Everest

Guinness World Record has officially recognized the highest tea party that took place last year 21,312 feet above sea level at Mount Everest’s Camp 2 in Nepal, CNN reported. Andre Hughes, an enthusiastic climber from Seattle, Washington, said that he had the idea during COVID lockdowns and isolation. The lockdowns made him realize that it was not just the summits he missed but he missed the community more.

Hughes reported that it was not easy to carry the equipment to the top. The crew faced a snowfall on the day of the party, which proved to be a tough complication. The supplies were carried by a yak, fighting the strong winds. This was specifically special to Hughes as he had finally reached the camp after failing in 2019.

“The greatest things in life are often those shared,” Hughes said, adding he hopes the feat — held on May 5, 2021 — will “inspire others to seek their own dreams, no matter the heights.” According to the report, Hughes’ “highest of high tea parties… exceeded the previous mark by thousands of feet in altitude and was full of complexities, including carrying supplies through the treacherous Khumbu Icefalls.”

TN Media News