The joint qualification match of the World Cup 2026 between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia football team was played at Al-Fatih Club Stadium Al-Ahsa Saudi Arbia

by: Tahir Karamat TN Sports News:
The ambassador of Pakistan Embassy Saudi Arabia Farooq Ahmed and Head of Chancery Pakistan Embassy Saudi Arabia Mohsin Saif to encourage the national team.

Allah and the President Pakistan Overseas Association Forum International Saudi Arabia, the delegate of Pakistan Embassy Saudi Arabia Nadeem Akhtar Chaudhry, made a special appearance, who were warmly welcomed by the local administration.

Before the match started, both teams were encouraged by Saudi and Pakistani, and the fans of other countries came to the stadium with great enthusiasm, which filled the stadium with fans. And the heavy rain made the weather more pleasant. The team of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan showed a very good game.

All the fans of both countries. It was a great example of Pak-Saudi friendship, brotherhood, and love, which was well appreciated. The Saudi Arabian team presented the best game, which the fans enjoyed and encouraged generously. Finally, the Saudi team won 0-4.

But the Pakistani team also played a very good game, which created a pleasant feeling among the fans that there is a good football talent in Pakistan, which will be improved by supporting it. At the end of the match, the ambassador of Pakistan to Saudi Arabia, Farooq Ahmed.

congratulated the Saudi government institutions and administration for winning the match and expressed good wishes and thanked the administration for making the best arrangements.


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