“600 girls completed courses in satellite engineering in Bishkek”

Contributed  by: Ms.  Maryam  Raza,  Head  of  Women’s  Executive  Network, TN  Media  News
UNICEF and the Association for Engineering Education of Kyrgyzstan held the First International Youth Forum on “Space technologies. New Horizons for Girls with the technical support of the Kyrgyz Technical University.

During the forum, speakers and partners from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan shared their experience in the development of space technology with an audience of 200 people. The special guest of the event Stefania Fedyay, the first test pilot of the Roscosmos lunar base from Kyrgyzstan, addressed the Forum participants with an inspiring opening speech.

The forum concluded the UniSat project in Kyrgyzstan, which aimed to develop the knowledge and competencies of girls in the field of nanosatellite development, as well as improve skills such as teamwork, public speaking, and creativity. The girls from Kyrgyzstan presented the milestone of the UniSat project: the launch of the IlimSat nanosatellite into the stratosphere from the territory of Kazakhstan together with project participants from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in March 2022.

In addition to the plenary sessions on experience and achievements in exploring the Space in Central Asia led by participants from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, there was a “Space in our life” photo and art exhibition.

As part of the initiative, 566 girls and 112 boys from Bishkek and technical universities of the country attended the three-month interactive learning programme in satellite engineering and 50 girls joined the five-month programme on developing and launching the CubeSat nanosatellite.

“Adolescent girls and boys represent the human potential of the country. They are the most valuable capital we have. That is why we have to invest in young people and equip them with the skills of the 21st century. “Girls in Science” and UniSat programmes are opening the doors to the world of science for girls.

I had the opportunity to get directly acquainted with the process of satellite development and the launch of nanosatellites into the stratosphere with great enthusiasm and excitement. The launch of the nanosatellite is a symbol and personification of unlimited opportunities for girls in Kyrgyzstan,” said Yulia Oleinik, acting Representative of UNICEF Kyrgyzstan.

The forum aimed not only at increasing the interest of girls in engineering and space technology, but also to develop and strengthen regional networks in the field of Space research.

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