Fuel price in Current Geo Political scenario

Reported by:  Ch. Muhammad Natiq Ubaid.

During the next two weeks, if the government plans to keep the oil prices at the current level, then the Price Differentials Claim (PDC) of the Oil Marketing Companies and Refineries is predicted to reach Rs 36,07 per litre for High-Speed Diesel (HSD) and Rs. 19.64 per litre for petrol.

According to calculations that are available by sources, during the first two weeks of April (1-15), the ex-depot price is predicted to reach 169.50 per litre against the ex-depot price of Rs. 149.86 per litre during the existing two weeks (16-31 march).

Furthermore, during the next fortnight that starts from 1st April, the ex-depot price of High-Speed Diesel (HSD) is predicted to be Rs. 180.22 a litre against its ex-depot price of Rs. 144.15 per litre during the existing Fortnite.

According to the documents, the expected Price Differential Claim (PDC on Light Diesel Oil (LDO) is predicted to be Rs. 28.33 for the next two weeks and Rs. 30.78 on Kerosine oil.

The rise in the PDC is assigned to the increasing international oil prices, which reached over $120 per bbl on 25 march.

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