Winning the Gold Award, RX’s New Design Language Perfectly Reveals the Art of Light.

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 23 Dhuʻl-Qiʻdah 1444 AH, corresponding to June 12, 2023 AD – The winners of the 2022 International Design Awards (IDA) were revealed on January 20, 2023, in Los Angeles, California. EXEED RX, masterfully designed by Steve Eum, was honored with the prestigious Gold Award. Established in 2007, the IDA champions a brighter future through unconventional and conceptually innovative designs that meet a product’s specifications.

Recognized as influential benchmarks within the global design industry, award-winning works often serve as guiding principles. By embracing the art of light as its novel design language, RX has achieved a “new premium” aesthetic that embodies futuristic styling. This remarkable accomplishment marks a significant milestone, as it establishes RX as the first Chinese luxury automobile to receive this prestigious award since the IDA’s inception.

RX seamlessly incorporates EXEED’s brand slogan, “Born for More,” and embraces the brand’s spirit of exploration. It also introduces its innovative design language known as the “art of light.” With a keen focus on the interplay between light and shadow, RX achieves a unique and textured style. RX displays a borderless middle grille at the forefront, complemented by X-shaped star track daytime running lights.

Additionally, Formula LED light strips on both sides ingeniously merge with the daytime running lights to form the elegant shape of the Greek letter “Σ.” This striking design element not only accentuates the avant-garde appeal of the front fascia but also resonates with younger generations’ aesthetic preferences.

The side design of RX challenges the conventional norms associated with SUVs by incorporating a fastback roofline reminiscent of a cockpit, along with a rear spoiler that exudes a formidable and dynamic aura akin to a sports car.

This unconventional approach creates a captivating sense of aggression and a sleek style, reflecting EXEED’s profound interpretation of future automotive styles and the evolving interests of discerning young luxury car enthusiasts. Furthermore, the taillights of the model highlight a dazzling effect.

Equipped with an intelligent light language system that synchronizes with the vehicle’s music and a star ring projection design that exudes a sense of ceremonial elegance, they showcase the captivating charm of cutting-edge technology.

The sleek and dynamic body lines harmonize flawlessly with the front gradient diamond air-inlet grille, culminating in a new vision of sporty and avant-garde automotive aesthetics.

RX is a milestone for EXEED, blending scientific advancements and being the first model produced at the Intelligent Mega Factory in Qingdao, using the M3X Architecture 2.0.

This achievement highlights EXEED’s mission to serve high-end users worldwide. At IDA, RX stands out as the flagship model of EXEED’s stage 2.0, demonstrating the brand’s pioneering design, top-notch manufacturing, and exceptional quality.

EXEED envisions a future where it progressively contributes to a greener world through its futuristic vehicle design concept and artistic approach. By prioritizing the needs of sophisticated young consumers, EXEED aims to become the luxury vehicle brand that consumers aspire to have, while also addressing environmental concerns.


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