Women and Solidarity Foundation called on the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan H.E.M Ahmed Ali Sirohey.

Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan H.E.M Ahmed Ali Sirohey received the Women and Solidarity Foundation. This Foundation has the goal of assisting vulnerable populations through food donations during the month of Ramadan. The Foundation has collaborated with KAAT University to organize different activities during the month of Ramadan and is also seeking to collaborate with the Embassy of Pakistan Niamey.

The activities consist of a Hafiz reciting the Holy Qur’an during the month of Ramadan, making a food donation to needy people, and making dou’as for Defense and Security Forces fallen on the field of honour.

Their goal is to prepare Iftar daily for patients at Niamey National Hospital and for prisoners in the Civil Prison of Niamey. They called on His Excellency to assist them in organizing Iftar for these beneficiaries and to assist them with food donations.

Excellency informed that the Embassy of Pakistan has already provided food distribution to National Hospital, and is willing to collaborate with them to offer Iftar to prisoners.

The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is trying to reach out to deserving people in this month of Ramadan by offering them assistance to facilitate their fasts. As part of his Ramadan Program, the Ambassador of Pakistan is intending to fully support the prisoners by organizing Iftar for them.


TN Media News