World Chess Hero Negiel Short MBE Endorses National Mind Initiative at Islamabad School and College.

by: TN Media News Pakistan: In a significant development for the promotion of intellectual sports, World Chess Hero Negiel Short MBE, along with representatives from Pakistan Chess and Scrabble Organizations, recently visited Islamabad School and College. The purpose of their visit was to endorse and promote chess and Scrabble in alignment with the National Mind Initiative.

During the visit, Mr. Short, accompanied by the delegation that included Ms. Rita, a representative of the Chess and Education Commission, engaged with faculty members to discuss the importance of mind games such as chess and Scrabble. The focus was on highlighting the positive impact these games can have on cognitive development and critical thinking skills among students.

Delighted to share the outcome of the visit, Mr. Short and the delegation expressed their full support for implementing the Mind Initiatives in Pakistan. Their commitment to providing resources and guidance to schools and educational institutions nationwide is commendable and aligns perfectly with the overarching goals to promote mental fitness and cognitive development among the youth.

The visit proved to be both enlightening and inspiring, leaving a lasting impression on all those who participated. Gratitude was extended to Mr. Short, the Pakistan Chess and Scrabble Organizations, and Ms. Rita for their dedication and support in advancing the National Mind Initiative. This collaborative effort is poised to make a significant impact on the intellectual development of students across the country.


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