Pakistan needs a Grand dialogue.

The article was written in 2017 by Faisal Tahir Khan. Faisal is a global entrepreneur and CEO FT Koncepts.

Pakistan is a nation of almost 200 million people, with a great geographical location, one of the fastest-growing economies in the Islamic world, a stock market that outshined many Asian stock markets, only Islamic nuclear power, one of the best-armed forces in the world, an important trade and energy route for international trade, with almost USD 300 Billion economies, with an investment that may cross USD 100 Billion in CPEC projects in form of infrastructure, energy, new smart cities, industrial zones and many other sectors.

All these positive indicators and take-off position of Pakistan’s economy call for an appreciation for the whole nation and especially those who are making a positive contribution to this growth and development. It requires a lot of unity, harmony, patience, prudence, perseverance and understanding among all institutions to act in such a way that it does not harm the interest of Pakistan in any way. As the modern 4th or 5th Generation, war is not driven by sophisticated weaponry but it’s through creating conflicts, confusions, chaos, misunderstanding, mistrust and grudges between State institutions and its people that ultimately weakens the institutions and fuel the purpose of those forces that wants to achieve their ulterior motives.

Without going into the detail of Pakistan’s political history of love and hate relationship between civil-military institutes and their tug of power, it has still not been defined who will do what and when and where. In all this time, we have not created an ideal environment that is required to grow and flourish as a nation.

The system of checks and balances is necessary for all democratic processes, but it must be based on certain principles and rules of the game and not by leg-pulling, sabotaging each other’s mandate, finger-pointing and defaming each other. It is crucial all State institutions act in such a way that it portrays a beautiful mosaic and a bouquet of flowers, where the whole State machinery is working like one body to achieve “NATIONAL SECURITY, GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT” and not the other way around.

Pakistan has great potential and can be the next Asian tiger too. For that, we need to keep on marching forward by eliminating all hindrances that come in our way and by respecting each other’s mandate and powers bestowed upon each State institution by the constitution.
Keeping in mind the current political scenario in Pakistan, I humbly request all the heads of Government Institutes, Armed Forces, Judiciary, Political parties, and Bureaucracy to do a “GRAND DIALOGUE” among themselves in order to write a new socio-economic and political contract between each other and collectively come up with NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT CHARTER which will not be comprised by any stakeholder to ensure we all move forward as a strong country by settling our differences, grudges and vengeance of historical events in the large interest of our motherland. In the 21st century, it is difficult for any State institution to muscle out others or do arm twisting which is not constitutionally allowed. Such action may give some short-term gains but will harm the country in the long run.

The best thing is to let democracy evolve and grow, as during that evolutionary process those who are not fit to run the Government and lead the people will be filtered by themselves and better leaders will take their place eventually. But any artificial manoeuvring, playing games with each other and stepping in each other shoes will harm the evolution process and delay capable and well-deserving leaders to shine and lead the nation.

I also request my fellow Pakistani brothers and sisters to start a dialogue in your circle of influence where we can all clean our hearts for each other and develop narratives of critical analysis for economic development and growth instead of having discussions on the separation of powers. Those issues are perhaps 19th or 20th-century issues of governance but not of the 21st century.

As a mature nation, we must broaden our horizons and devise our energies and efforts towards conquering the fields of science and technology, innovation, artificial intelligence, 3D production, entrepreneurship, robotics, building state of the art infrastructure, and developing healthy and educated masses.

A nation is like a ship and State institutions are like its engine and captain, who sail the ship in good times and in turbulence. So, we as a nation must strengthen and guide our engines and captains so they can lead us with confidence and courage.

30 years from now, in the year 2047 Insha’Allah, we will be celebrating our 100th Independence year. Let’s envisage and collectively work hard to see a strong, developed and happy Pakistan. Long live Pakistan.

Posted by: Syed Mussarat Khalil.

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