Anti-dowry movement in Bihar: Joint statement of patron Syed Rashiq Azhmed and President Najmul Hassan Najmi

By: Syed Mussarat Khalil.
Makkah-The anti-dowry movement (Dowry Mission) based in Phulwari Sharif district Patna issued a statement — At the time of marriage, there is a time of humiliation in the life of the worst human beings, that is, spreading the hand, something like a beggar, whether speaking humbly or eloquently, when something is asked for under any circumstances, it is dowry which is taken by hurting someone’s feelings.

Syed Rasheq Ahmad and President Najmul Hassan Najmi, patrons of the anti-dowry movement in Bihar province, issued a joint statement saying:

To pay Dowry, loans are taken, fathers and brothers are compelled to go abroad and leaving the women of the house alone, men take bribe, steal or commit embezzlement.

The girl is taunted for bringing less dowry, she is sent back to her parents’, divorced, even burnt to death and some are forced to suicide. There are useless expenses and public display, this is the crime. Why have we made everything about money and extravaganza, be it justified or unjustified? If a son of Adam has two valleys full of wealth, he would still like a third to be for himself.

The stomach of such people can be filled with the dirt of the grave, except whoever repents, may Allah accept his repentance, Insha Allah.
There are many examples from the nation, which seems strange.
“Point to ponder.”
It was not a dowry like ours, there were a few essential items of a very minor kind. And in any case, Hazrat Ali was under the sponsorship of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

This is narrated from ‘Asma bint ‘Amis (may Allah be pleased with her). Is it possible to compete with the Prophet’s daughter on the subject of dowry? Ask forgiveness from Allaah and eradicate the curse of dowry.