Social Media Charged Leftist Reforms

 by: Lt Col. Rizwan Ahmed, TI(M), (R) | May 5th, 2022
While reviewing the past decade period, we find, Occupy Wall Street Revolutionary Movement in 2011 at the US that spread to other parts of the developed world and led by oppressed, marginalized, debt-ridden and poor citizens as a 99% vs 1% movement, i.e. 1% “Have’ exploiting 99% ‘Have Not’ resources, and later it met an ultimate futile, useless and ineffective terminal end with status quo and zero cum negative results as of 2022.

Next comes the Arab Spring Movement, the Anti-Govt. protest liberation move by pro-democratic Muslim Brotherhood youth turned revolution, once again ending at futile unsustainable regime change efforts and its failed outcome by 2021-22.

Then comes, Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Revolution fueled by the West in 2014, and later in 2019-20 for an anti-legislative bill, again it ended with futile efforts and with negative consequences by 2022 for those who took an active part.

Later, it was the Major Role of Social Media in Trump’s 2016 US Elections victory fueled by Russian Facebook accounts and a highly successful Trump’s own digital data centres, which managed the social media for each state and group of people. Trump’s poorly managed US and later ugly defeat ending at Capitol Hill Riots tells us a lot about Social Media’s conspired regime’s unsustainability.

Finally, we witness the role of Social Media by Ukrainian in raising a massive response against the Russian Invasion in the latest Russian War on Ukraine in 2022. The aggressive use of social media by Ukrainians turned out to be ineffective so far, while further aggravating Putin’s Russian military onslaught.

Nexus above, following are major conclusions:

#1. Colossal collateral damage suffered by the state and the nation, especially by the protestors in the form of killings, severe fatalities, casualties, arrests, punishments and economic inflations and political instabilities.

#2. Left-wing populist reform movements by poor, oppressed and marginalized people challenging the state’s autocratic authority, exploited under the paternalistic democratic elites.

#3. All of the movements had a specific brand name associated with the movements – e.g. Occupy Wall Street, Arab Spring in Egypt, Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong, and Earlier Orange Revolution in Ukraine leading to the current Russia-Ukraine war.

#4. The majority of uprisings and movements were instigated, pushed and supported by US and allies, while exploiting the pain points of the common middle, lower-middle and lower class citizens’ rights movement, ending at futile exploitation and zero-sum games.

#5. Social Media turned out to be the rider clause as a major ‘CONSTANT’, in all of them starting 2011 till date.

#6. The massive use of propaganda war games, fake viral and fake narratives by both the opposing sides leaning more towards instigation, incitement, infuriation and blowing things out of proportion.

#7. All of the major revolutionary movements from ‘Occupy Wall Street’ to ‘Ukrainian War’, turned out to be a disaster for the weak and oppressed, who wanted freedom, liberty and rights. Hence, all of them ended up with failure and status quo, serving big elites.

Pakistan’s Evaluation
Currently, Pakistan is gradually pushed by similar adverse forces for any of the above potentially futile revolutionary uprising attempts led by PTI against the so-called Imported Govt., backed by the Establishment (as claimed by PTI).

This move is highly fueled and charged by Social Media on similar lines duly fueled by common major adversaries, as seen in the world during the last decade in the recent time frame.

The challenging nature of state writ, has a potential danger of fatalities and casualties, arising out of probable civil riots between the groups having separate political affiliations and the LEAs deployment to arrest such uprising and the horrific economic and political instabilities.

This civil uprising potential threat is looming as Urban Extremism when Pakistan is already confronted with a multitude of several threats from immediate Eastern and western borders in the form of conventional and proxy warfare’s as Afghan Taliban backlash, BLA Movements, Indian Occupied Kashmir atrocities and the emerging global Economic Inflation, shortages of Food & Oil Supply Chains out of post-COVID crisis aggravated by Russian war on Ukraine, leading towards severe economic and political instabilities hurting the last Centre of Gravity, Pakistan Army being Cornered.

So far so good. We shall be able to survive and brave this out as ONE nation, being a battle-hardened Muslim nation, but with any of the above scenarios being realized, then keeping our Strategic Nuclear Sovereignty away from the Global Powers’ Scrutiny, (e.g. Iran’s IAEA, scrutiny), shall be a foregone story.

Whereas, a Nuclear Compromise, of any sort of type, under any circumstances and/or any global pressures, shall be the end-game for Pakistan’s ultimate sovereignty.

Time to learn from past global experiences as a wake-up call for all patriotic & loyalist Pakistanis!

God Bless Pakistan 🇵🇰 & Long Live Pakistan 🇵🇰