Babar Azam Might Adopt Cook’s Strategy of Temporarily Exiting Field in Tough Situations, Predicts Mushtaq Ahmed

by: Atika Mehboob TN Sports News Pakistan:
Former Pakistan cricketer, Mushtaq Ahmed, has speculated that Pakistan’s captain, Babar Azam, might choose to temporarily exit the field during challenging moments in the upcoming World Cup games.

Recalling his tenure with the England team, Mushtaq shared how they advised Alastair Cook to step aside and consult with the management during demanding phases in a match.

“While I was with the England squad, we suggested to Alastair Cook that in tight situations, he should momentarily leave the field to discuss his thoughts and strategies with the management. This approach often altered the direction of several matches, both in Tests and ODIs, once Cook rejoined the game,” Mushtaq remarked during a television interview.

Drawing parallels, the 53-year-old believes that Babar might adopt a similar tactic during tough times in forthcoming matches. He emphasized that pausing to converse with the coaching team could offer essential insights and a fresh outlook.

“I anticipate Babar might choose to leave the field momentarily during challenging periods in upcoming games. It’s beneficial for Babar to step out and engage with the coaching team directly. Relaying messages from the sidelines can sometimes diminish a captain’s authority. It’s often more effective for the captain to take a brief hiatus and then return,” he concluded.


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