Babar Azam highlights toss importance and addresses captaincy pressure ahead of India clash in ICC World Cup 2023

by: Atika Mehboob TN Sports News Pakistan:
Ahead of the crucial ICC World Cup 2023 match against India in Ahmedabad, Babar Azam stressed the decisive role the toss will play in the outcome.

During a pre-match press briefing, the Pakistan skipper observed the pronounced influence the toss has exerted in recent matches.

“The toss has undeniably been a key factor in the games we’ve seen. The pitch tends to be more batsman-friendly under the lights, and we noticed dew on the field last evening. We’ll be inquiring with the umpires regarding potential treatments for the dew on the outfield,” Babar explained.

When questioned about the pressure of leading the team against arch-rivals India, Babar conveyed a balanced viewpoint. He stated that his captaincy doesn’t hinge on the result of just one game.

“My leadership role isn’t defined by the outcome of a single match against India. I wasn’t appointed captain merely for this particular encounter,” he expressed.

Addressing his less than stellar ODI record against India, Babar was candid. “While my performance in the World Cup hasn’t met expectations thus far, I’m optimistic about improving. Regarding my track record against India, we predominantly meet during World Cups, leading to significant gaps between matches.

Most of my dismissals were due to my errors rather than any specific bowler’s merit,” he admitted.


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