Pakistan house organized a Business Networking Dinner.

By Syed Mussarat Khalil TN Media Team.
Pakistan house Jeddah organized a “Business Networking Dinner” in order to introduce the 18th OIC trade fare 2023 which is to be held in Pakistan. After the recitation from the holy Qur’an Consul General, Pakistan Khalid Majid welcomed all the guests, especially General (r) Mohammed bin Mustafa Al-Juhani, Honorary Consul General in Jeddah, Sheikh Mazen Batterjee Ambassador and permanent representative of Pakistan in OIC Rizwan, Saeed Sheikh, honorary consul generals, excellences, distinguished Saudi Business personalities, business entrepreneurs both from Saudi Arab and Pakistan, and media representatives.

In his welcome address, he elaborated the purpose of this gathering is to hold an introductory session to the upcoming 18th edition of OIC “Trade Fare” which will be held from 16 to 18 June 2023 in collaboration with the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. He said this is the first event of its kind taking place in Pakistan and outside Pakistan where we are introducing this event formally to our real friends and brothers. While this is an OIC event and it will have Galaxy more than 50 members country representing various regions of OIC but let me show also it will hold great significance for our Saudi brothers in many accounts.

Secondly, this is very important from women entrepreneurs’ perspective because the theme of this event is women’s empowerment through entrepreneurship. So this will provide a unique opportunity to women across the OIC in general and give Pakistan and Kingdom in particular Saudi women to showcase their talent in front of an international audience

Last but not least from the sectorial point of view this event will have a lot of importance, there are many commodities many sectors which we have short-listed in this event for Saudi investors, goods like construction, engineering, foods, furniture fixtures, garments fashion, medical care, health, so many sectors which are very common to most of the OIC member states but in particular for Pakistani market and for Saudi investor is a very important sector.

After the brief introduction by the consul general, a short documentary showed some potential sectors available for investment in Pakistan. Deputy permanent representative of Pakistan in OIC Sadiq Waraich and permanent representative of Pakistan in OIC Ambassador Rizwan, Saeed Sheikh also addressed with the gathering and asked Saudi investors to start a business in Pakistan. Commercial Consul Syed Abdul Waheed Shah conducted the event.

Delicious and special Pakistani foods were served to the guests.


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