“Comfort Zone”, a Dangerous Addiction

There is a wise saying that if you are doing what you have always done, then you will get what you always get.
Take it through an example, a long time ago, there was a frog who was living happily in the pond but one day a strange incident happened to him. He was hungry for a long time and could not find anything to eat. He came out of the water and went to the shore in search of food. When he came, he saw there was food lying on a stone. He was so happy and climbed on the stone and as soon as he was near the food, a human hand caught it and put it in the bag. He screamed, and flapped but could not get out of the bag.

The man came home and filled a pot with water, placed it on the stove and put the frog in it. When the frog saw the clear water, he liked it. He started swimming in it and enjoying it. He felt that the bottom of the water was gradually heating up, but he did not care. After some time all the water became hot and gradually the frog got more intense but he started cooling his body with his natural ability, the water got hotter and he increased his physical coolness. After two minutes the water started boiling. The frog tried to cool his body accordingly but his nerves broke down.

Feeling this he started jumping and trying his best to somehow get out of the pot but all his efforts were in vain. Soon he started panting. His body was drained of energy and within a few moments, he was out of breath. He died as he was not being able to survive the boiling water. The example of us humans is also like this story of the frog. 98% of us are the people who spend our time in the most dangerous place. Yes! The most dangerous place. You may think that I am not aware of such a place, but no! You too have spent time in this place somewhere. This place is the comfort zone that kills human potential and corrodes his talent.

Lying on the sofa at home, watching TV, enjoying a soft bed instead of a morning walk, enjoying mutton kadhai, chicken biryani, pizza, and cold drink every alternate day, getting rid of work instead of hard work and effort, wanting a good job, living on a decent salary and wishing that no pain, no problem, no trial should come before me throughout my life. No one should bother me, because living without problems is my life. Working hard makes me tired. Having vegetables and salads doesn’t fill me up, sweating in exercise is exhausting me, and working for myself instead of a job is a big risk to me. It may sound good but it is such a dangerous trap that a person who falls into it is left behind in their personal and professional life.

Consider the example of the frog. If the frog had not enjoyed the clean water in the shallows and jumped before the water got too hot, it could have saved its life, but it would have been lying. It did not take advantage of a great opportunity. Neglected as temporary, when things became too much for him and it became absolutely necessary for him to get out of the water, but by that time he did not have enough energy left to save his life.

The same thing happens to us. We accept a life worth living. We have a golden opportunity to work hard, improve our skills, improve ourselves and become special, but the “Comfort Zone” keeps us away from enjoying so much. It makes us addicted to the server that we can’t leave it. We can’t break the shackles it wears. We think that life is just passing, so let it pass. A thought behind my mind that we will see when the time comes. The biggest disadvantage is that when the water goes above our head and our breath starts to stop, then we have no energy left. We can only wave our hands, not daring to get out of the water.

Comfort Zone” is many times more dangerous than it looks. It is an addiction that enters the veins of a person in an imperceptible way and makes him a habit. A person does not even realize this while living in it. That the abilities that are present in him have started to get rusty. Gradually he starts to lose his abilities and then there comes a time when he becomes a useless, simple and very lazy person.

Such a person who lacks ability cannot take challenges in his life. Even when normal conditions are bad, his hands and feet swell. He does not have the courage to accept the facts of life and fight against them. There is no change in his life. Such a person wants to change his life, he wants to become a famous person, but it is only a wish, he does not do anything to make it a reality. He is not ready to take risks. He does not want to carve a new path in life and wishes to migrate his path, but he is not ready to do, leave his favourite job and pay the price of change. New people do not come into his life because three things are needed to build and maintain relationships. ATTENTION, TIME and MONEY. Every relationship has to be given attention, time has to be taken for it. Marriage and family happiness have to be attended to and money has to be spent when necessary, but a person who is a prisoner of the “Comfort Zone” cannot do all this, because he is used to living a comfortable life.

Another major disadvantage of staying in the “comfort zone” is that it starts to erode one’s professional life, due to which such a person cannot advance in his field. Where he was twenty years ago today.

“Comfort Zone” also affects one’s health. Spending hours sitting on the couch in front of the TV with a packet of popcorn in one hand, not walking, eating and sleeping, living on fried foods and the like. As a result of numerous habits, his health is affected. He always suffers from some other medical problem. This is the collective behaviour of society and due to this, you will see a rush at the comical stores in every area. A person living in a “comfort zone” does not learn new things, does not work on his personality and does not remove his weaknesses. As a result, he remains a useless person who does not have the courage to change his life or others.

“Comfort Zone” also weakens a person’s relationships. He wants to have relationships but on the condition of his staying in his “comfort zone,” the relatives go away from him. This also weakens the willpower of a person. He does not have the courage to do anything new. However, man is a creature that if he changes his mind. So his whole life changes. If he adds a good teacher, friend or book in his life, his destiny changes but here it doesn’t happen because the “comfort zone” has broken the building of his courage.

So, do you have the courage to get out of your “comfort zone”? If so, get up and free yourself by breaking the bars of the prison with your own strength, but you will still not be free from the “Comfort Zone”. After exiting, you will come to another area which is called Fear Zone. Here you will always be worried that I will take a new step, but what will people say? Whenever you try to change yourself, a voice will come from inside: “What will people say?” This fear will not allow you to do something new by riding on your mind. After repeated attempts, you start to doubt yourself that maybe you lack the ability, that’s why you can’t do anything, but this is an illusion that I try to push your fear away. Staying here, you yourself start looking for excuses.

In case of any failure, there is an immediate voice from inside you that it happened because of such and such a person or else I was going to do this. Living in this circle, you also lack the strength of decision. You depend on the decisions of others. It is like the car is yours but someone else is sitting in the driver’s seat. Here someone inside you says to rebel, don’t accept these conditions, get rid of here. You twist these bars with all your strength. You are freed from the fear zone. Now a third circle starts which is called Learning Zone. Now you have courage. You take on new challenges. You also have new experiences, with the thought of learning something from them. You learn from every person and every event. Differently. Due to facing situations, problem-solving comes to you.

No matter how many difficulties you face, no matter how much criticism is given to you, you consider all these things as a part of life and try to solve them. Here you also develop new skills in yourself. Questions arise in your heart. Challenges arise, the answers to which you seek and new paths open before you.
This journey of learning brings you into a wonderful realm called the Growth Zone. Growth means growing up step by step. All the progress in the world is due to this region. The first success you get when you come here is that you find the purpose of life. You start having dreams. These dreams keep you restless. You yearn, you turn from crotch to crotch; you suddenly wake up at night and think about your dreams. You have no sleep in your eyes because there are so many dreams. “(The purpose of life) bestows the reward.

Life’s purpose gives you the motivation to move forward. It keeps you on track. When you lose direction, it brings you back on track. When you stumble, it gives you courage. There will be less fear of dying because death comes to a person, not to a goal.

The writer of the article is a well-known motivational speaker Qasim Ali Shah from Pakistan.

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