FALL / Failure OF IK AS PM some reasons/causes

by: Mian Mehmood Lahore Pakistan.
Ik was Most unfortunate that he lost the golden opportunity of Premiership given to him in the plate by the Establishment through rigged elections by Faiz Hamid He just always wasted his time in the following ways:-
1) Raising the slogan of Ehtessab which was purely discriminatory against opposition only,saving his own ministers and others
2) Appointment of Buzdar and Mahmood Khan as CM in Punjab and KPK
3) Wasted billions in Ehssas program/ Youth program etc, building Shelter homes and Langarkhanas
4) fake campaign of billion trees, where corruption of billions was made
5) Agreeing and handing over CPEC to Khakis, a bone of contention between NS and Estab which distracted China who held the 24 billion $ investment
6) Daily speeches and inauguration on unimportant topics while Defacto rulers sat in Rawalpindi
7) Depended on the advice of non-elected people like Shahzad Akbar Shahbaz Gill, Babar Awan and many others lost the support of JKT and other die-hard PTI leaders who were getting arrested by NAB for many many months
8) Followed advice of Fawad Ch, Pervaiz Khattak, Shah Mahmood, Faisal Javaid, Shibli Faraz, Shahryyar, Babar Awan Naeem Bukhari and others on Vote of No-confidence even blaming and challenging SC
9) The conspiracy of the letter will be unfolded soon now, the idea of which was given by Shah Mahmood who fabricated the letter in MOF and Asad Majeed was asked to send this cypher communique by meeting the most lower-level US diplomat, Security Committee could not be convinced reg international conspiracy and on charges on politicians as traitors, even they never signed the minutes of meeting while Shah Mahmood smartly avoided meeting by visiting China 0
10) He should have shown courage and exhibited sportsman spirit as politician either to face in NA or resign
11) He clearly violated the clear orders of the SC unanimous decision using delaying tactics for almost 12 hrs on 9th April,22
12) He never listened to the sane advice of Asad Qaiser, Fakhar Imam and other experienced cabinet ministers as well as Khalid Javed Khan AG and other lawyers of jurisprudence
13) Though he tried to mobilise the public and his PTI supporters by addressing them daily on Electronic media, which was just useless
14) IK closed his eyes to the corruption of Farah khan Zulfi Sarwar Khan, Shahzad Akbar and others on postings and transfers and other contracts and misuse of dev funds
15) He could not properly meet his own MNAs due to his Takabur as Cult – Aqal e Qul, and never heard their complaints about Buzdar and Mahmood khan.
16) IK depended more on Pervaiz Elahi who only 5 seats of MNAs and a few seats of MPAs were holding real power, which disturbed Aleem Khan and JKT and others
17) He followed blindly SBP Governor, following their Master and Pakistan lost its financial sovereignty.
18) Ik was forced to take billions $ of loans from IMF which were utilised only in debt servicing, affecting our Foreign exchange reserves.
20) He put Pakistan in complete diplomatic isolation, roaring for Islam phobia and other issues
21) Ik tried to get the applause by arranging two OIC conferences of FM and not ahead of Muslim states as was done by ZAB, Such extraordinary two conferences of FM of OIC were also held by Zia on the Afghan issue
22) His visit to Russia was untimely during Russian aggression on Ukraine
23) He could have adopted better overt foreign diplomacy by joining China and the Russian Regional bloc without perceiving Pakistan’s economic and exports interests in the EU and USA as well as foreign remittance of overseas Pakistanis living in USA and EU countries.
23) He could have easily had better control in Punjab by placing some good PTI leaders out of 183 MPAs
24) He depended more on the first lady’s spiritual advice
25) IK misused NAB FIA and EAD – anti-corruption to arrest opposition leaders
26) Though he was trying to spend less on his foreign tours and in the PM office and House, it never proved effective in controlling inflation.
25) He could not solve the problem of Sui gas or LNG to industrial units all over Pakistan
26) He raised utility bills to a higher level every month beyond the capacity of poor man Just to oblige IMF and to get instalments of foreign debts
27) IK’s unproductive cabinet meetings on daily basis were useless to meet national and international challenges.
28) Bureaucracy remained scared of their policies due to NAB and FIA, just sitting IDLE
29) IK liaison with Estab was disturbed by the appointment of DG ISI which made to think to approach the opposition as an alternate. HE lost the Umbrella of discrete support of Estab on these crucial issues who started behaving neutrally to save their own positions.
30) Claim on the international front, relations with KSA, UAE and other Arab states as well as EU day by day put Pakistan in diplomatic isolation.
31) His absence from NA being scared also made him weak gradually as Parliament was just made Rubber stamps.
32) the tall claims of NAB about the recovery of looted money proved to be fake and least convincing to gen public
33) His foreign funding case was mishandled by his ministers
34) IK’s campaign for Electronic Voting machines was untimely and his threat to Election Commission went against him
34) He could have started a political dialogue with the opposition which was delayed and the game went out of his hand.
35) He got the Badduas of salaried class not raising their annual salaries and pensions,
36) Frequent postings and transfers in FBR, and Fed Ministries as well as of IGPs Chief Secretaries also destabilised bureaucracy.
36) IK’s assessment that his supporters will come to the streets once he is voted out as PM was wrong and will be damaging for his party as many NNAs and MPAs or strong Electabkes will prefer to leave his party in the next general elections joining other parties like PML N PPP JUI and his expectation to get more seats in next elections will be far fetched.
37) Ik must think like a politician and not as a celebrity otherwise his party will fissile out in Punjab and even in KPK,
36) He has to deal with media soberly otherwise his popularity graph will sink further.
37) His slogan to provide 5 crore jobs and 50 lac houses totally failed miserably and Banks are put in an awkward position to grant such loans on less collateral.T
The sharp increase in duties on import and manufacturing of Vehicles as well as in Real Estate has further limited the scope of jobs in these sectors whereas employment in the public sector is almost nill.
39) The fake schemes of health card ration cards as well as Ehssas cards met absolute failure and propaganda for the general public
The attempt to divert general public attention through PSL and sports proved less effective due to the high cost of living.
40) Common man is keener for earning his livelihood easily getting essential items at lower rates, which are beyond their capacity.

Long live Pakistan. Let’s pray Aameen
Pakistan 🇵🇰 Zindabad. .