Hayden Questions Decision-Making Process Surrounding Babar Azam’s Resignation

by: Atika Mehboob TN Sport Pakistan:

Former Australian cricketer Matthew Hayden has voiced his concerns and disappointment over the leadership structure and decision-making process in Pakistan cricket, particularly regarding Babar Azam’s resignation. Speaking to ESPNCricinfo, Hayden highlighted systemic issues within Pakistan cricket, stressing that challenges extend beyond individual leadership to the broader framework and culture of the game in the country.

“I’ve always sensed with Pakistan, it’s never about the actual leadership of the group itself. It’s more about having a structure conducive to a high-performance culture, which is the most challenging element, I feel, for Pakistan cricket,” remarked Hayden.

Expressing criticism towards the decision-makers, Hayden suggested that those responsible for Babar Azam’s resignation may have overlooked Babar’s outstanding performance both as a player and a captain. “Whoever was doing the numbers clearly wasn’t looking at them when it came to Babar’s performances as non-captain and captain. He actually had far better numbers as a captain, boasting an average of 50 plus.

So he was a natural leader, a good choice. I think they have potentially acted prematurely in terms of leadership capabilities. He’s still a young and dominant player in world cricket. So, I am a little disappointed and a bit shocked about the reaction,” added Hayden.

Babar Azam formally announced his resignation from captaincy in all formats through a statement posted on his social media platforms on Wednesday. The Australian cricketer’s comments shed light on perceived flaws in the decision-making process and the potential oversight of Babar’s impressive performance both as a player and captain.


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