Minister Irrigation deptt Jam Khan Shoro blames Center for depriving Sindh of due water share.

by: Jaffar Hussain

Karachi: Sindh Minister for Irrigation Department Jam Khan Shoro has criticized the PTI federal government and the Indus River System Authority (IRSA) for not providing due share of water and injustices made in the distribution of water resources to Sindh province. Jam Khan Shoro has accused that Federal Government is being deprived the Sindh province of its rightful share of water by giving false reasons and justifications of ongoing work on Tarbela Dam and artificially creating water crisis in the province.

He said that we have strongly condemned and staged protest over this illegal act and brutal decision of the federal government and demanded immediate release of water to the province of Sindh. This he said in a statement issued hereon today. Sindh Irrigation Minister Jam Khan Shoro said that due to such decision of IRSA, it would create severe water crisis in the province and thousands of acres of standing crops would also be turned into pale. He said that PTI’s government was depriving and punishing the farmers and growers of the province by not acting upon the Water Apportionment Accord of 1991 which is highly condemnable act. Jam Khan Shoro urged up on the federal government and IRSA authorities that If there is no water available in the Tarbela Dam, then the federal government should immediately be released its due share of water to Sindh province from Mangla Dam. Sindh.

Irrigation Minister said that currently province is getting 40 percent less water than its share which has badly affected the agriculture sector of the province while Karachi city and other parts of Sindh province could be faced severe drinking water crisis as well. “Growers and farmers who cultivate their crops on the water of Rohri and Nara Canals and other adjoining areas would also be faced water shortage in early Kharif season”, he added. Sindh Minister Irrigation Jam Khan Shoro has demanded that Federal Government should immediately release the due share of water to Sindh province by implementing strictly on the water accord of 1991 so that emerging water crisis could be overcome soon.

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