PITB Working On Automation of Business Regulations For The Business Community.

PITB is working for ‘Ease of Doing Business’ and for the economic progression of the province since 2016. After the success of the ‘Business Registration Portal’ which facilitated entrepreneurs and investors for ‘Starting a Business’, the ease of doing business framework is now aimed at assisting the business community in navigating operational and legal challenges.
In this regard, PITB has in consultation with Planning & Development Board and Program Implementation Unit, Planning & Development Board Punjab proposed a scheme titled, “Automation of Business Regulations in Punjab”, a single sign-up platform to facilitate registration, permits, NOCs and licenses that a business may require for starting a business or running its operations.
A high-level consultation session with 23 Administrative departments was convened, chaired by the Chairman Planning & Development Board Dr. Sohail Anwar Chaudhry, where DG e-Governance Sajid Latif briefed about the scope of the project and the Chair sought commitments from the relevant departments to ensure expeditious amendments in rules and regulations (if necessary) that shall result in business processes simplification.
The departments appreciated the initiative and praised the past hard work and dedication of PITB’s team in Ease of Doing Business.
Faisal Yousaf Sajid Latif Saima Shaikh Syed Nayyer Ali Ammar Nasim Hasnain Iqbal Ammar Chaudhry.