Meeting with Chairman Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA) on Database Integration Plan.

Chairman Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA) Zain ul Abidin Sahi visited Chairman PITB Faisal Yousaf to discuss the ‘Database Integration Plan’ which focuses on the implementation strategy for the integration of tax authorities’ databases with 3rd parties.
The purpose of the ‘Database Integration Plan’ is to increase revenue collection by identifying and rectification of discrepancies in the system.
Furthermore, the establishment of a data warehouse for tax authorities will help in the data analysis and generating reports using business intelligence (BI) tools for financial forecasting and quick decision-making.
Senior officials from both departments including PITB’s CTO Adil Iqbal Khan, Project Director Haroon Rasul Khokhar and JD Adnan Khan, PRA’s Director IT Salman Zafar and Member Support Services Attia Ali Khan, and Head Project Financial Management Unit Punjab Finance Department Asad Khalid were also present.
Faisal Yousaf Adil Iqbal Khan Haroon Rasool Khokhar Adnan Khan Hasnain Iqbal Ammar Chaudhry