Pakistan’s Real Political Threat

Reported by: Zaman Sharif
Someone shared below the combination of the new expected Government of Pakistan.

President Zardari
PM Shahbaz sharif
Governor sind MQM
Foreign minister Bilawal
CM Punjab Perwaiz Elahi
Speaker Hazrat Molana.

This combination is bound to fail and collapse. This is where IK will emerge with the required majority.  PML-N under Shahbaz Sharif will need some time to settle first within and then with the establishment.

Unfortunately, PTI is nothing without IK who is already aged 70 and has no substitute.
Unfortunately, both the PPP and PML-N are family-owned enterprises and both have failed to produce leaders of the Prime minister’s grade.
I think only Jamate Islami has 2 terms limit for the party head.

Pakistan is exposed to political structure risk let alone the economical challenge.

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