What did Imran Khan do in three and a half years?

Reported by: Ch. Muhammad Natiq Ubaid

What did Imran Khan do in three and a half years?
1- The Dutch government stopped the display of blasphemous sketches.
2- It is wrong to associate terrorism with Islam.
3- Islam is not extremist or liberal, it is the same religion as Muhammad.
4- Raising voice against Islamophobia in forums around the world
5- Permission to bury Muslims in Sri Lanka.
6- You cannot insult our prophet by hiding behind freedom of expression
7- He tried to unite all the Muslims.  Tried to reconcile Saudi Arabia and Iran
8- Raised voice against obscenity.
9- The end of prophethood was included in the children’s syllabus
10- Rehmat-ul-Alamin Conference should be started.
11- For the first time, he raised his voice for the education of the children of the madrassa.
12- He started doing Ph.D. on the biography of Rasoolullah.
13- Talked about creating a state of Madinah.
14-  Send a letter to all Muslim leaders to raise this issue together to stop the insolence of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) forever.
15- 47 years later, due to successful diplomacy, a successful OIC meeting was held in Pakistan.
16- India will be chewed on February 27.
17- India was completely exposed on Kashmir and also lobbied against India in international forums.
18- Decades later, by looking America in the eye, someone humiliated America and refused to give more bases, He also denied being a part of the US-led war and strongly opposed it
19- The United States was expelled from the region
20- 12 dams after 51 years
21- Uniform curriculum for all of Pakistan.
22- For India, the land in Afghanistan has become narrow and they are billions.  He left the investment of dollars and ran away.
23- The recitation of the Holy Quran as a subject up to the fifth grade is mandatory.
24- The translation of the Holy Quran as a subject from 6th to 12th class was made compulsory, otherwise, it was impossible for private schools to pass the exams.
20 billion three years ago, Today 1. 1.8 billion * surplus *, Foreign currency reserves:  7 billion three years ago, today it reached. 27.40 billion,

3400 billion three years ago, Last year it was Rs 4,700 billion and the target for 2022 was set at Rs 6,400 billion Remittances, .9 19.9 billion three years ago, today it has crossed 30 30 billion Despite the Corona epidemic where the world’s economies will shrink Pakistan’s economy according to the United Nations and Moody’s in 2022 Pakistan’s GDP will be 4 • 4

International financial institutions express confidence in Pakistan’s economy.
36 billion borrowed from various international financial institutions and countries in 3 years due to the emptying of coffers and foreign loans and their interest payments as soon as the government took over.

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