China’s Commitment towards Multilateral Development and Global Cooperation

Written by: Ms. Maryam Raza Deputy Director, Pakistan Research Center for a Community with Shared Future (PRCCSF), Islamabad.

There are many key factors that have contributed to the Chinese miracle. Among them, Deng Xiaoping’s reforms and open door policy remained important to make Chinese people resilient. Now, keeping with the legacy, President Xi Jinping has also provided such grand narratives and ideas, which are crucial in the 21st Century for joint development. Patience is not the most common attribute of modern society. Haste makes waste is well said, but the efficiency of a digital age is judged by the speed. Patience, however, has its own benefits.

It helps to keep mistakes and errors to a minimum. The Chinese people adore patience as the core value of their social capital. This is derived from an innate belief that ‘time is on their side’. The most common Chinese metaphor used is ‘man de or yi bu, yi bu de’, which means to avoid haste; go step by step. This can be easily witnessed by the gradual economic expansion of China in the world. The Chinese policy reforms and governance model have settled an exceptional precedent in this modern world for other states to follow for common development.

The optimistic approach with caution has been the hallmark of success for China. Now, the dynamic leadership under President Xi has been committed to building a community with a shared future for mankind in order to advance global developmental mechanisms. These ideas have brought new transformations in international relations. China’s Modesty has won the respect and confidence of the world. After the 18th National Congress, China was fully aware of the major changes in the domestic and international environment. One of its major principles of governance is to be always on guard against potential dangers in times of peace. It has made national security its top priority in upholding and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Now, in the 20th   national congress (to be held in October 2022), the CPC will analyze China’s two-stage development plan toward the middle of the 21st Century and outline strategic tasks for the next five years in particular.  It can be predicted that socialist modernization will be realized in China by 2035, and the country will be developed into a great modern socialist nation that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced, and harmonious. This rejuvenation will mark a brand new chapter for the Chinese nation and people in this crucial time of achieving the Party’s second centenary goals.

There is a Chinese idiom that expresses that people with the same ideals will follow the same path. In this aspect, China has aspired to project such programs and initiatives that will be a win-win game for all parties involved. It is significant to deepen global connectivity and optimize regional cooperation that paves the way for a shared future. Undoubtedly, multilateralism will provide more opportunities for fostering joint activities in the areas of mutual interest to resolve common issues. It is clear that President Xi’s advocacy and promotion of democracy are to create a political model characterized by centralism and democracy, discipline and freedom, and unity of will and individual initiative. In this aspect, projects for global progress can provide dynamism and creativity in exploring the optimum model of integration.

As China innovates at a faster pace and achieves high-quality growth, new strategies and robust plans will continue to emerge for wider cooperation. This will lead to the creation of a much more powerful structure and balanced development with a ripple effect, which will offer countries more opportunities with a shared forward-looking spirit. In addition to that, China’s soft power has contributed much to the success of its modernization endeavours. The Chinese nation has enormous soft power assets because of its great civilization, long cultural heritage, modern vision, and insistence on cooperation. These have all contributed to its grand transformation and economic growth at regional and global levels.


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