Pakistan’s T20I Tour to Netherlands Postponed at PCB’s Request

by: Atika Mehboob TN Sport Pakistan:
A three-match T20I series slated for May 2024 between Pakistan and the Netherlands has been postponed due to scheduling challenges, as reported by Cricbuzz.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) formally approached the Royal Dutch Cricket Association (KNCB) to request a rescheduling of the series. This decision stems from the necessity to alleviate the strain on an increasingly congested cricket calendar.

Given these circumstances, both cricket boards are actively exploring alternative options to identify a suitable time for rescheduling the T20I series.

Expressing disappointment over the postponement, Roland Lefebrve, the High-Performance Manager at KNCB, conveyed understanding of the situation.

“We’re obviously disappointed, but of course, we understand the situation and remain optimistic that a new window will be found to play the series either at home or away,” said KNCB High-Performance Manager Roland Lefebrve to Cricbuzz.

Originally, a three-match T20I series was tentatively scheduled for early May, preceding Pakistan’s planned tour to Ireland and England in 2024. However, the tight schedule, particularly due to Pakistan’s five-match home T20I series against New Zealand in April, left limited room for the Dutch leg of the European tour. Consequently, the PCB sought to reschedule the series to ensure a more manageable and feasible cricketing calendar.


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