Progress review meeting held with PITB team at Agriculture Department.

by: TN Media News:
A progress review meeting presided over by Agriculture Secretary Ahmad Aziz Tarar was held at Agriculture Department to monitor the development of PITB’s ongoing ICT-based interventions including the ‘Privatization of Agriculture Extension Services to Enhance the Service Delivery’ project.

PITB IT-Operations Project Director Ali Raza Kheiri and Joint Director Usman Waheed briefed the participants on the current development, implementations and extension services being provided through PITB’s ICT-based platforms.
The Agriculture Secretary appreciated PITB’s efforts and discussed the way forward for a merger of Agriculture Ext. 2.0 Project. PITB team also visited Agriculture Department’s Data Center. Additional Secretary Agriculture (Planning) Qadeer Bajwa and Agriculture Extension DG Anjum Ali Buttar were also present on the occasion.
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Syed Bilal Haider Faisal Yousaf Khurram Mushtaq Ali Raza Kheiri Usman Waheed Ibrahim Samad Hasnain Iqbal Ammar Chaudhry Agriculture Department Punjab.