Shaheen Jawaid honors Mussarat Khalil and his wife

By Shaheen Jawaid.
Shaheen Jawaid an eminent journalist and President of United Media Forum (UMF) organized a dinner in honour of visiting Jeddah-based senior journalist Syed Mussarat Khalil and his wife at Bar-B-Q Tonight Riyadh recently.

Shaheen’s father Muhammad Javed Ramzan, well-known personality, journalist Dunya News representative and social activist Imtiaz Ahmad, other guests Syed Waqar Ahmad Qadri and Muhammad were also present on the occasion.

Shaheen Jawaid presented and brief introduction of Syed Mussarat Khalil to the audience. She said Mussarat Khalil is a well-known figure in the Pakistani community. He is also very active and popular in the literary, social and sports circles of Jeddah. He has also held key positions in a number of organizations such as PRO Jeddah Cricket League (JCL), member of Western Province Cricket Association (WPCA), former head of Media Committee of Saudi Cricket Center (SCC), members of the Education Committee of Pakistan National Circle Jeddah (PNC), Vice President of the Pakistan International School Old Boys Association and Patron-in-chief Pakistan Overseas Media Group (POMF) etc.

Syed Mussarat Khalil graduated from Karachi University in 1975 (B.Sc.) and arrived in Saudi Arabia in 1976. He first joined Zahid Tractors, then the Ministry of Defense and Aviation (MODA) in 1980. Retired in 2003. In 2007, the English daily Saudi Gazette hired him as a freelance journalist and he also worked for English sports reporting as well as for the weekly supplement “Awaaz” of the Gazette. He has extensive experience in English and Urdu sports journalism for international print and electronic media and coverage of community literary, social, cultural and sports activities.

He is more interested in sports, especially cricket. Therefore, Urdu News in 1994 and Urdu Magazine in 1998 had hired him for sports. He also writes interviews and articles. He is the bureau chief of Jasarat, a major national daily in Pakistan. Syed Mussarat Khalil married with Saudi Arabian national woman in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 1979. He is the proud father of 3 children Engineer Abdul Aziz Khalil, Dr. Abdul Rehman Khalil and MBA degree holder Abdullah Khalil.

During the dinner, host Shaheen Javed told herself that she has been living in Riyadh since her childhood and is currently working as a journalist for various news channels and news outlets. She said that she started her career as a journalist about 11 years before the former Urdu daily Urdu News was published in Saudi Arabia, after which it became the former Urdu supplement of another Saudi English newspaper Saudi Gazette. I joined Awaaz “as a female correspondent for Riyadh. She later joined Pakistan’s leading newspaper, Samaa News, as an international journalist.

She also wrote for many online web portals including Urdu Point, Urdu Power, Daily Pukar, Roznama Osaf, Kashmir Express, South Asia Plus and many more. He has worked in various literary, journalistic, cultural and social organizations in Riyadh as General Secretary, and Social and Media Coordinator, trying to make her country famous. She has also been a journalist for ATV News. Giving a message to his compatriots, she said that we should honestly uplift the soft image of Pakistan.

In the end, Mussarat Khalil and his wife thanked host Shaheen Jawaid for inviting to dinner and hoped we can share dinner again soon.

TN Media News