TN Sports team defeated Riyadh Maverick 2-0 | Matches were played in RCL Ground Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

by: Ateeq Hussain Pakistan International School Nasria Riyadh:
TN Sports team vis Riyadh Maverick played three matches series and TN Sports team clean swept the series. On December 17, 2022, the final match of 30 overs was played between TN Sports Team and Riyadh Mavericks in RCL Ground. Before that, 1st match was played and TN Sports won that match, second match was postponed due to rain.

Riyadh Mavericks won the toss and decided to bat first, Saad and Azain came as an open batsmen from Riyadh Mavericks, on the other hand, Hasnain Raza came for a pace attack from TN Sports. On 4.5 over Fahad Zafar delivered beautiful delivery to Saad, which he played on the off side towards Ateeq Hussain. Ateeq Hussain caught the ball and the Mavericks lost their first wicket. Saad scored 14 runs on 11 balls for his team including 2 Fours.

The total score of the Mavericks was 38-1 Fahad Zafar delivered the beautiful inswing ball to Azain on the first ball of the 7th over, which was quite difficult for Azain to play and he made a big mistake and got bowled. This mistake caused Mavericks to lose the second wicket of their innings. Azain scored 16 runs on 22 balls for his team including 1 Four. The total score of the Mavericks was 41-2.

Abdul Hai played a beautiful inning for his team and was very focused on his performance, it was quite a challenge for TN Sports bowlers to take his wicket, his wicket was important as he was one of the main batsmen of Mavericks. He survived multiple times on the pitch with his luck. Ateeq Hussain on the very first ball of his over-delivered seam swing which after pitching came inside, Abdul Hai was unable to play that ball and the ball hit his pads after which he was given LBW, It was a big loss for Mavericks as they lost their main batsman and third wicket.

Abdul Hai scored 61 runs on 54 balls including 6 Fours. The total score of the Mavericks was 163-3. Rehan Siddiqui took the place and played very well for his team. Now it was again a challenge for TN Sports bowlers to take his wicket is not he would have scored many runs for his team as he was playing well. Hasnain Raza bowled a magical delivery to Rehan which he played but the ball landed in the hands of Qasim and Riyadh Mavericks lost their 4th wicket. He scored 56 runs on 54 balls including 5 fours. At this point, the score was 188-4.

The last wicket of the innings was taken by Qasim and was of Kaif, he played the ball well but the ball landed straight in the hands of Saad at Mid-Off. He scored 41 runs on 30 balls including 3 fours. At this point, the Total score was 228-5. Mohammed and Farhan bated till the end of the innings. A total of 235 runs was scored by Riyadh Mavericks and TN Sport needed 236 runs to win the series.

Hassan Ali and Ali Dilawer opened the second innings from TN Sports. In the start, the main focus of Ali and Hassan was to make CRR more the RRR which was 7 and they managed it very well and took CRR to 10.2 while RRR came to 6 both were dedicated and focused on the game because this was going to decide which team is going to take Winners’ Cup home. One mistake of Hassan Ali cost him his wicket as he went to hit a six on a ball bowled by Azain, the ball landed in the hands of Rehan which caused TN Sports to lose their first Wicket. Hassan Ali scored 51 runs on 29 balls including 7 fours. The total score of TN Sports became 95-1.

After Hassan Qasim and Ali scored together with great shots and running between the wickets. The main focus of Mavericks bowlers was to take the wicket of Ali Delwar as he was the main and best batsman of TN Sports, but it was very hard for them as Ali and Qasim were playing with a plan. Azain bowled Qasim which Qasim played for a shot but the ball landed in the hands of Azain himself and TN Sports lost their second wicket. Qasim scored 36 runs on 20 balls including 4 fours and 1 six. The total score became 188-2.

Hasnain Raza came with great responsibility and was focused to lead his team to victory with Ali but unfortunately while running between the wickets a wrong call made him lose his wicket with only scoring 1 run on 1 ball. Here TN Sports lost their 3 Wicket and the score became 200-3.

During the Batting of Musawir after Hasnain, it was pressure on Musawir and Ali not to lose any other wickets but to win. Musawir scored 8 runs on 7 balls before getting stumped on the ball Azain by Kaif. After that Azain took 2 consecutive wickets of Saad and Hasseb by LBW which lead Azain to his first Hat-Trick and fifth wicket of an inning. TN Sports lost 3 wickets in an over and the score became 213-6.

Now the pressure was increased on Ali Delawar and Fahad Zafar to lead their team to victory they both started playing well and Ali completed his century which was a joyful movement for both team and Ali. As TN Sports was about to win they only needed 1 run but a single wrong shot of Ali Delawar cost him his wicket at the very end movement of the game. TN Sports here lost their opening batsman and 7th wicket with a score of 235-7.

Fahad Zafar scored that one run and led his team to victory against Riyadh Mavericks. Fahad Zafar and Saud came not out at the end of the innings. Ali was declared Man Of the Match because of his magnificent centaury against Mavericks.

After the Match trophies and Medals were given to the players along with trophies for Best Batsman Best fielder and Best batsman. Below Players were given the trophies:

Best Batsman: Ali Delawar
Best Fielder: Fahad Zafar
Best Bowler: Azain
Man Of the Match: Ali Delawar
Winner: TN Media
Runner up: Riyadh Mavericks
Best Performance: Azain
Man Of Match (First Match): Qasim Salman

After trophies, Special prizes from AR sports were given to BEST BATSMAN, BEST FIELDER and BEST BOWLER

Mr. Nadeem Saddiqi said great words for Munir Ahmad Shad and appreciated him for arranging and organizing such great matches because of which our kids learned a lot of things. We are grateful for his great support and efforts for our kids.

Munir Ahmad Shad said that he really appreciated all the players, organizers and their families for their full support. And made them believe that we are, were and will always be for the there for the youth.

At the end of the ceremony, both team management and parents said special thanks to the RCL Management and RCL Committee who provided facilities for young stars to improve their skills and as per the RCL Management, they are ready to support youth development anytime.


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