Argentina won the FIFA World Cup for the first time in 1978, and this World Cup was won by Argentina on the tips of the coach of the Pakistani hockey team.

by: Syed Athar Abbas (Athar G) TN Sports News:
Argentina hosted both the football and hockey World Cups in 1978 and Pakistan surprised the world at the Hockey World Cup in March. Pakistan not only scored a world record of 35 goals but destroyed the opposing team’s defence in such a way that the world was stunned.

Cesar Luis, the coach of the Argentina football team, was watching all this, he was seeing the victory of his team in Pakistan’s strategy. Caesar not only attended Pakistan’s training sessions but also watched all the matches.

At the end of the matches, Caesar arrived on his private plane to meet Pakistan Hockey Team coach Waheed Khan. Waheed Khan told Caesar all the secrets of attacking wingers, midfield and defenders.

And two months later, on June 25, 1978, Argentina became the champions of the Football World Cup. A few weeks after the win, Waheed received a telegram in Karachi, it was from Cesar, in which he admitted that the Pakistan coach’s tips had worked.

Waheed was born in Bhopal, migrated to Pakistan in 1949 and settled in Karachi’s PIB Colony.


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