UN General Assembly adopts by consensus Pakistan’s Flagship Resolution on “Universal Realization of the Right of the Peoples to Self-determination”

The United Nations General Assembly has adopted a Pakistan-sponsored resolution on “Universal Realization of the Right of the People to Self-determination”. 72 countries from across the world co-sponsored this important resolution which was adopted by consensus.
The resolution reaffirms unequivocal support for the realization of the right to self-determination for peoples under foreign occupation, colonial domination, and subjugation. It firmly opposes acts of foreign occupation, intervention and aggression, and calls upon responsible States to immediately cease such acts.
Pakistan has been sponsoring this flagship resolution since 1970. This annual initiative serves to draw international attention towards the plight and rights of people living in internationally recognized situations of foreign occupation, including in India’s Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.
Adoption of this resolution is a reaffirmation of the inalienable right of occupied peoples to self-determination, as enshrined in international law, the UN Charter and numerous UN resolutions.