A sehri night by Mujahid Nadeem, media coordinator (PML-N) in honor of journalists

Abid Shamoon Chand, chairman Pak United Media Forum, Saudi Arabia, (left), Mujahid Nadeem Ramay, (2nd left), media coordinator, Pakistan Muslim League (N), Arshad Raza, bureau chief, TN Medial News, and Waseem Khan, president, Pak United Media Forum, posing for a group photo, in Riyadh on Thursday.

By Arshad Raza Bureau Chief, Riyadh.
Taking an advantage of the blessings of Ramadan, Mujahid Nadeem Ramay, media coordinator, Pakistan Muslim League (N) Saudi Arabia, arranged a gathering of personal friends and journalists of Pak United Media Forum, Riyadh, at a sehri last night.

Talking on a lighter note, Ramay said: “We are here not only to discuss the political situation in Pakistan but to take the advantage of blessings of Ramadan, and to follow the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PUBH) to invite friends and guests and get to know the welfare of each other’s.”

Shedding lights on the current political uphills, Ramay expressed his view: “Under the Premiership of Shahbaz Sharif, the country of 122 million people has come back on the economic trek, the recession has gone down while the stock exchange index goes up to the highest point. Pakistani rupee value against US dollars surging high,” Ramay said and added: “Economic indicators signalling wellness of the country as the friends of Pakistan promised to extend help in cash and kinds.”

Referring to Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s Thursday’s visit to Islamabad metro bus services, Ramay said: “ Prime minister ordered an inquiry into an inordinate delay in the initiation of the service from there to the Islamabad International Airport. He expressed dismay over delays in the project terming it severe negligence as 16 billion rupees have been spent on the project so far”

Expressing a token of respect to Rana Khalid, President PML (N) Riyadh, Ramay said on a lighter note that with the efforts of Rana Khalid, PML (N) Riyadh, combining its strength and instead of drifting rift trying to bridge the gap among the community members of Pakistan.

Rana Khalid, a well-known businessman and a persona grata, directed each member of the PML (N) Riyadh to work for the betterment of Pakistan and for themselves as they are the ambassadors of Pakistan here in Saudi Arabia.

During a discussion, veteran journalists Waseem Khan and Abid Shamoon Chand of Pak United Media Forum, Riyadh, also viewed the current political situation in Pakistan, and offered suggestions to bring together freelance journalists on one platform i.e. “UNITED”.

They were also introduced to Arshad Raza, ex-staff of Arab News and Saudi Gazette in Saudi Arabia, who is currently in Riyadh.

Prayers were offered to bring solidarity and a peaceful atmosphere to Pakistan in the end.